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With events and exhibitions going online, here’s how exhibitors can adapt
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The pandemic has largely impacted all live events and exhibitions due to the restrictions on travel and large gatherings. With live exhibitions being cancelled one after the other, event marketing efforts, especially in the B2B sector have slowed down and almost come to a standstill. These are steadily being replaced by online events and virtual exhibition booths. A virtual exhibition booth attempts to closely emulate the interpersonal interactions, immersive product demos, and other relationship-building elements of live exhibitions on a digital platform.

However, just because the platform has changed doesn’t mean that your approach towards exhibition marketing should change too. And when it comes to the approach, nothing is more Setting up clear goals for a virtual exhibition booth is as critical as a live exhibition booth

Setting up clear goals for a virtual exhibition booth is as critical as a live exhibition booth
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Whether you are building an exhibition booth for a live show or a virtual platform, you should ask yourself the following: what is my objective for exhibiting? Do you want to use the exhibition booth as a sales platform? Or do you want to build brand awareness and generate more leads? You may even have specific reasons like launching a new product or changing your brand positioning.

Having a clear goal for your virtual booth enables you to plan for the design, user interface and the right content for your visitors. This will allow you to engage better with your customers and achieve your goals.

Ensuring your virtual booth meets customer expectations

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Your virtual booth should be easy to navigate and access. A visitor should be able to access all the required information about your products within a few clicks. If you are launching a new product in your virtual booth, the way you present your product should be the core focus of your design. You can use immersive audiovisual media to give out product information in a way that sticks. As a result, your audience will be able to recall your brand and products easily.


If your objective is to build relationships with existing customers and convert more leads, you can offer personalization by allowing your sales team to interact with booth visitors. They can offer your audience relevant advice and solutions to their specific problems. You can also set up 3D models of your products in your virtual booth to show your products up close.

Building personal connections through your virtual booth 

personal touch

Interpersonal interaction is an essential part of exhibitions, which can be closely replicated in your virtual booth. A virtual booth can enable your sales team to directly interact with the visitors through a live chat. By allowing your sales and product teams to engage with the visitors, you can not only educate your audience about your products more effectively but also understand their problems and requirements with greater clarity.

Maximizing your ROI on a virtual booth 


Your virtual booth can pay back your investment by bolstering your long term marketing goals. The biggest benefit of offering personalized, immersive, and educational experiences in a virtual environment is building brand awareness. During this time when it is becoming harder for brands to reach out to their customers, a virtual booth can bridge the gap between brands and customers. A virtual booth can also be an effective tool for explaining products and their benefits to customers and generating intrigue, leading to more queries and engagement. All of this can form the foundation for future offline discussions and conversions, leading to a direct impact on your bottom line.

As a relatively new idea, building a virtual exhibition booth can be a challenging endeavour for businesses, and we at Blue N Coppers completely understand that. That is why we’ve been helping brands build virtual booths that help them reach their marketing goals in the most effective and convenient way. We do this by leveraging our expertise in experiential marketing and exhibition design. And we would be glad to consult you to go virtual effectively.

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