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Why you should use gamification at your next exhibition
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The events and exhibitions landscape has continuously been evolving from dull and boring stands of yester years to well-designed, tech-infused ones of today. And be it an international exhibition agency in India that builds exhibits or businesses who participate in events, everyone has had to adapt to the changing landscape to keep up with their competitors.

No matter how the industry has changed or evolved over the years, the focus has always been to attract more and more attendees to the events. And it’s time to introduce another new innovation that has the potential to massively increase event attendees and engage them with your brand. And that’s Gamification. Gamification refers to implementing typical gaming elements in other activities such as marketing. In context with events, gamification can enable you to build relationships with your audience and engage with them in a more meaningful way.

Why you should use gamification at your next event

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Gamification can create a light atmosphere where attendees can learn more about your brand and offerings, make purchase decisions, while having fun doing so.

  • Convert attendees to active participants

Although useful, long events can make attendees feel dull and tired. With gamification, you can offer entertainment to your prospects and attract them to your stands. When implemented correctly, gamification can push audiences to be proactive and voluntarily participate in different activities and tasks that you have organized to gamify your exhibition. This will make your brand and products reach more people from your target group.

  • Increase top-of-mind awareness

Good memories often last longer than the bad ones. And when you provide fun and good moments to attendees in long multi-day events, it ensures that your brand sticks in their minds for a much longer time. Also, organizing unique and custom gamified events for your customers will help you stand out from the rest. And through such gaming visuals and memories, you will stick longer in your visitors’ minds.

  • Generate more foot traffic

Gamification attracts attendees towards your exhibition stand. And with multiple unique tasks and activities in place, you can attract more and more traffic to your stand and ensure that you reach your marketing goals. More traffic will ensure event success and help in generating more revenue for you.

  • Collect reliable data for analytics

Gamification enables you to engage with more prospects, providing an opportunity to collect more data about them. There are multiple ways to collect attendee data via gamification. For instance, you can make them fill an application for participating in an activity. Or you can organize a polling event to know market trends and collect other relevant data. You can also create a feedback session after every gamification activity to collect data. You can analyze the collected data for generating useful insights. By categorizing the collected data and feeding it into lead management systems, you can also manage exhibition leads.

How you can gamify your next event

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There are potentially limitless ways to gamify your event. You can hire an international exhibition agency in India to help you create an award-winning exhibition stall design and assist you to gamify your event. You can use smartphone games like trivia and quiz and upload custom questions. This will not just help you collect visitor data and lead generation, but also you can help them to network among themselves and know their fellow visitors.

You can also purchase an off-the-shelf commercial event app or develop a custom event app and include whatever games and quizzes you want to gamify your exhibition. There are several commercial event planning apps available that can help you gamify your event. You can leverage these apps to include smartphone-based gamification activities and attract prospects to your exhibition stand. If you have multiple stands at an event and all scattered across the location, pitching different products, then you can organize treasure hunts. This will not just gamify your exhibition, but also ensure that attendees who visit one of your stands are visiting other stands as a part of gamification activity.

What you should consider while gamifying your event

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Gamification looks simple. But to ensure its success, you should consider various factors before you gamify your event. Firstly you should allocate your budget. You should budget your exhibition stall design and build it according to gamification requirements. The next thing is to set goals to achieve through gamification. If you don’t set any goals, then you cannot measure what good gamification has brought you in terms of results.

If you are using event apps to gamify your event, then you should make a strategy on which app you should select and how to use it. For instance, there are multiple vendors for event apps, but you should select the right one that can help you reach your goals within your budget. You should also select all the games, activities, and other tasks that you want to include for gamification. And the last major thing to consider is rules and prizes. You don’t want to disappoint your attendees even after they have shown interest and won in the activities that you have organized. Hence you should create specific rules and prizes and priorly display them to all the visitor participants.

There are many other possible ways to gamify your event. But the most important thing to gamify your exhibition is to customize your stand design for gamification tasks and events. If you want to include gamification in your next event, it is always advisable to hire an international exhibition agency in India to design your stands. An exhibition agency from India will help you stand out in international events, along with showcasing your Indian workplace culture. Plus, an international exhibition agency from India will also assist you in making strategies to gamify your event. They would know what type of games and other gaming tasks are popular in different countries and locations.

Contact an international exhibition agency from India to design your stand and assist you throughout the event to ensure that it is successful.

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