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Why only webinars won’t work for long
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Main Image-min (1)Webinars, webinars everywhere! Ask any B2B marketing professional today what their marketing plan is, and more often than not, the term “webinar” will be a part of the response. After all, it has become an indispensable part of the so-called “new normal”, just like waking up late and working from home. And why not? Webinars do have their own benefits. They prove to be a cost-effective channel for providing information to a wide audience. They can help you to easily connect with your target group, no matter where they may be located around the globe.

However, businesses often get blindsided by these benefits and fail to understand the limitations of webinars in the long run. To make their webinars more impactful, marketers need to understand the drawbacks of a webinar-only approach and use complementary tools like a virtual exhibition booth in the following ways:


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A purely sales-seeking webinar is often boring and unengaging for most people, except the rare lead who is already sold on the offering. However, webinars can become more engaging, and consequently more effective when they are a part of a virtual exhibition booth.

While your webinars can attract members of your target audience and offer them informational value, the virtual exhibition booth that they are a part of can be used for marketing purposes. You can showcase your brand and products in an immersive 360-degree three-dimensional environment. Visitors can interact with your products from multiple angles. You can even gamify the experience to increase the user engagement. Thus an interactive virtual booth along with webinars can provide an engaging and interactive medium to your audience.


Point 2

A Webinar in itself offers limited opportunities for personalization. SInce a webinar is addressed to a group it minimizes or eliminates the opportunity for personalized communication. While attendees may get the occasional opportunity to ask their questions, the communication for a major part of the webinar remains a group activity. And with recorded webinars, there is no opportunity for real-time interaction at all. When the webinars are incorporated within a virtual exhibition booth, attendees can have live interaction with a customer representative to get queries answered through video calls and screen sharing. You can even have your representatives provide a guided tour of your virtual booth to your attendees. This personalized real-time interaction is missing in standalone webinars.

Business Intelligence

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Webinars by themselves provide limited insights on the audience. Thus, you have limited data to work with to improve your future webinars. Virtual exhibition booths on the other hand, provide multiple insightful reports that can help in analyzing user behavior. You can get information such as the time spent at various touchpoints, the areas not visited, the bounce-off rates, the type of information sought from the customer representative, and so on. These insights into user behavior can help improve the design of the experience and be used for behavioral marketing and also to improve future virtual experiences.


Point 4

Another drawback of live webinars is that they require the attendees to be logged in and present for a specified period of time. This is another area where a virtual booth adds flexibility. As the booth can be hosted 24×7, attendees can visit the booth at any time without missing out on anything. Additionally, the booth can be accessed from any device easily.

While webinars provide a platform for enterprises to connect with their audiences, it serves only as a presentation and Q&A session at the most. If you want a sustainable substitute for live experiential and exhibition marketing, a virtual exhibition booth is your best option. And even when live exhibitions resume, a virtual exhibition booth can complement them to drive higher engagement and lead generation.

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