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What Does Blues N Coppers Offer for Planning Exhibition Stands?
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Setting up an exhibition stand in a virtual environment is not an easy task. To make sure you offer your attendees the right experience and meet your marketing objectives, you need to work with a team that knows how to execute virtual exhibitions the right way. Blues N Coppers is the right choice for planning virtual exhibitions, using our virtual event platform, Exhibit 360. Here’s how we offer when it comes to virtual events and exhibitions.

Immersive Experience


Blues N Coppers goes above and beyond to offer your attendees an immersive 3D experience that is visually inviting and effective. Our virtual exhibitions solutions are designed to match your marketing objectives, preferences, and your brand colours. Our custom branded experience is also quite accessible for your attendees, whether they are using mobile devices, tablet computers, or laptops.

Green Screen Solutions


With Exhibit 360, you can opt for various green screen content and features for your virtual exhibitions. Green screens are an excellent way to make your event unique by enhancing your attendees’ experiences and keeping them engaged. With our green screen features, you can publish custom videos with special effects, create personalised avatars, and much more.

Interactive Opportunities


One of the major challenges of virtual event experiences used to be the lack of interactive opportunities, especially when compared to their live counterparts. That is not the case anymore, thanks to Exhibit 360. Blues N Coppers offers your attendees various interactive opportunities to improve engagement and make your virtual exhibition more effective and approachable. Some of our most popular interactive opportunities offerings include audio/video/text chat, panel discussions, private meetings, networking zones, Q&A sessions, and live polls.

Backend Dashboard Access


When you plan a virtual exhibition, you want to make sure you have some control over the event. When you work with Blues N Coppers, you don’t have to worry about the control aspect of it. We offer you access to a dedicated backend dashboard, giving you complete control over your virtual exhibitions. Our Exhibit 360 dashboard makes it easy for you to update content, interact with attendees, and record all the activities’ analytics in one place.

Cutting Edge Technology


The immersive experience of Exhibit 360 is one aspect of what Blues N Coppers has to offer, along with other interactive opportunities, realtime dashboard, analytics, and much more. Our virtual exhibitions are enabled by cutting edge technology. Exhibit 360 virtual event platform is backed by the latest WebVR 360° technology, which allows us to offer you bespoke, custom, branded virtual exhibition booths. You can also offer your attendees 3D AR/VR-enabled product demonstrations and displays with interactive hotspots using Exhibit 360. The cherry on top? Our Exhibit 360 virtual event platform also offers integrated multimedia content that your attendees can interact with during the exhibition.

These features are definitely beneficial, but there’s a lot more Blues N Coppers can do for you. Our virtual event platform is a blank canvas, and we make you the artist of it. We can help you realise your vision for your exhibition booth so that you can reach your marketing objectives in a straightforward manner. Reach global audiences with industry-leading engagement, analytics, and marketing. Get in touch with us now.

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