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Tips for creating scintillating product displays at trade shows
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When it comes to creating an exhibition strategy, a lot of attention is paid to finding the best exhibition stall contractor, branding and enhancing the overall visitor experience. And these things are undoubtedly important in creating an impactful exhibit. However, what is just as important is ensuring that your products make the desired impact on your visitors, compelling them to buy from you. After all, isn’t the ultimate goal for participating in events or undertaking any other marketing activity just that — to sell more products?

Be it household furnishings at Acetech, metal-cutting tools at IMTEX, or next-generation military technology at Aero India, your products have to take center stage within your exhibit. Thus, if you are participating in these trade shows, thinking about what products you’ll display and how you’ll do it is just as important as finding the best exhibition stall contractor Bangalore has to offer. Here are a few tips to ensure that your products gain the exposure and attention that they deserve.

Be thoughtful in choosing the products to display

Booth Design

Exhibitors often see trade shows as opportunities to present all their offerings, much like a retail store. However, they should realize that visitors most likely won’t spend their entire time at an event within just one exhibition stall, no matter how inviting and engaging it may seem. Also, when you display dozens of products throughout your stall, no matter how special you may think they are, none of them stand out a lot. That’s why it is important to not inundate your visitors with any more information and products than is necessary. And how do you determine that? Always aim to display the products that you have launched most recently and the ones that are the most popular among your existing clientele.

You may also need to vary the product line-up on display depending on the show you’re participating in and the kind of audience that the particular show attracts. Based on this and other event-specific details, you can narrow down the list of products you’ll bring to your next trade show. By doing so, you can ensure that all the products that you display get enough attention. You can ask your exhibition stand contractor to create your exhibition stand in such a way that your products are given adequate space and positioned in a way that attracts attention.

Use interactive product demonstrations


The best way to convince your target group of your product’s value is by allowing them to experience your products first-hand. Now, it is very likely that what you’re selling is not something that can be handed out for people to try, especially if you’re exhibiting industrial or military technology at IMTEX or Aero India. Even in such cases, you can make your product demonstrations as interactive as possible by using display mediums such as interactive video, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). The more senses your product display can engage, the greater will be the impact they make on your visitors. This, you can ensure that your displays engage the sense of sight, sound, touch, and perhaps even smell using a combination of advanced technologies.

Optimize your display based on product size

Scale Model

If your products are too large to fit in your exhibition stand for shows like Aero India or IMTEX, you can create a scaled-down model to ensure they fit in. Similarly, you can scale up products that are small and hard to see and experience. The more closely you enable your visitors to interact with your products, the more likely they will be to recall them.

It is important to ensure that all your products get adequate space within your exhibition stand design without making it feel too cluttered and constricting for your visitors. That’s where an experienced exhibition stall builder can bring their expertise into play. They can help you strike that optimal balance between your product demo areas and space for visitors to move around.

Utilize lighting and design effectively

Product lighting

Lighting and design play a critical role in making not just your products but your overall exhibit standout. Using the right combination of lights and design elements can ensure that your exhibition stand becomes the perfect stage for your products to shine. A lot of exhibitors make the mistake of treating the product display as a peripheral part of their exhibition stall. What this does is make the overall exhibition design look incoherent and unprofessionally designed. To avoid this, it is necessary to incorporate your products seamlessly within the design of your exhibit. The best exhibits are those where the products stand out without being inconsistent with the rest of the exhibit. This is another area where your exhibition stand contractor can help you with.

Highlight product features and benefits


Be it in the form of audio and video loops, static posters and standees, or through dynamic videos and LED towers, highlighting your product features is an important part of effective product display. The more interactive and dynamic you make this aspect, the more effective it will be in conveying your products’ value to your target audience. You can do this in many ways, including:

  • using informative graphics with stats and figures to demonstrate your products’ specifications and technical capabilities;
  • offering a visual depiction of the results achieved by your offerings; and
  • showing your products in action where their most salient features come into play.

In order to execute these tips, it is critical to have a reputable exhibition stall contractor in Bangalore as your partner for events like IMTEX and Aero India. And by following these practices, you can ensure that your products pretty much sell themselves, without your team having to do a lot of hard work. This will give them more time to have more meaningful interactions with visitors, enabling them to close deals and increase your sales.

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