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Reimagine the visitor experience with these 3 virtual exhibition ideas
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When you hear the term “virtual exhibition booth”, you probably picture a digital version of a traditional booth that you’ve seen at live exhibitions. However, virtual booths can break the mold of live booth designs and take unprecedented forms. Since they are not constrained by real-world factors like physical space, building materials, regulations, and even the proven laws of physics, you can build a virtual environment that is unlike any that has ever existed, and through it, offer your visitors an unparalleled experience. While there are countless possibilities for what you can do with your virtual exhibition environment, here are three ideas to get you started:

1.   Shine the spotlight on your products with a virtual showroom


Virtual showroom allows you to have your products on display, just like in traditional exhibitions, while providing a more engaging experience to visitors. Visitors can have a 360-degree view of your virtual showroom and products on display. They can navigate seamlessly through it with their laptop or mobile phones. They can interact with multiple products and components as they move around the virtual showroom. Visitors can also be provided with detailed information about the products on display in the form of online documentation and manuals to give them a better understanding of your products. You can also have virtual assistants to provide attendees and you have live guided tours and live interactions, enhancing the user experience.

2.   Unveil where the magic happens with a virtual factory floor

Point 2(2)

Your virtual environments can go way beyond just product displays. Instead, you can bring your entire workplace to virtual exhibition booths. For instance, businesses can give attendees a tour of their factory, providing them with behind-the-scenes access to the entire process involved in manufacturing products. Attendees can interact with materials and get more information about them. Attendees can even be provided with gamification modules that allow them to participate in certain activities as they make their way through the factory floor. This user experience of taking your visitors to a new location is nearly absent in traditional exhibitions and will provide attendees with a refreshing and highly engaging experience.

3.   Show your products in action via simulated environments

Motor Detail

You can provide attendees with a testing room simulation environment to experience their products. Attendees can be put in the driver’s seat to interact and experience the product in a manner similar to its real-life use. For instance, an automobile company can let users test drive their latest sports cars on a virtual race track. The user experience will be as thrilling and engaging as in the real world, the only difference being the car controls being replaced by the keyboard and mouse. Similarly, businesses and virtual booth designers can collaborate to come up with different concepts regarding the products on display to provide an immersive and engaging experience to users.

With the virtual application, you can create any environment that you can imagine. Visitors will have a unique and refreshing experience that can help keep them engaged with your brand. In addition to the above ideas, you can create other virtual environments such as conference rooms for interacting with customers, your R&D labs that give visitors a sneak-peek into the trials and tribulations of designing a product, or a virtual tour of your office workplace that helps visitors better understand your work culture. It’s up to you to decide and imagine what you want to showcase to your visitors. With virtual exhibition booths, the possibilities are truly endless.

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