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Pharma and chemical processing companies are leveraging virtual events
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While live exhibitions are extremely beneficial for pharma and chemical processing companies, they also present multiple challenges. For instance, there is a risk involved in transporting and setting up equipment and materials at the event location. Damage to the machines and other equipment, such as chemicals, reagents, and drugs can lead to unwanted circumstances. Similarly, companies can’t dedicate ample time to every customer at their booths due to time limitations. This can lead to pharma and chemical processing companies missing out on business opportunities.

However, a virtual exhibition platform is not constrained by any limitation of time, space, or other factors. Hence, a virtual exhibition platform provides an excellent medium for pharma companies to showcase their capabilities in unique, engaging, and unimaginable ways. Here are a few ways how pharma and chemical processing companies can leverage virtual experiences:

Showcasing products through visual storytelling


Marketers in the pharma and chemical industries need to convey a lot of information, most of which can be technical in nature. This can be difficult to convey in an interesting yet clear manner. However, with the help of virtual events, pharma and chemical processing companies can create rich, engaging content, enabling you to effectively convey information in an easy-to-understand manner. Visual storytelling makes concepts easy to grasp, and customers are better informed about the products. Companies can create a storytelling experience through 3D product interactions, interactive videos, and presentations, and a 360-degree immersive environment. For instance, you can show exactly how your drug  works and treats a medical condition in a simplified manner with interactive videos that users can control rather than providing verbal explanations laden with jargon.

Integrating gamification to increase user interaction


Gamification allows for a fun and interactive way to keep customers engaged. Itlets the customers experience your product information in a light atmosphere. Customers can learn about the applications and working of the products in a fun, engaging manner. Companies can also allow customers to share their game results on social media platforms and compare their scores with their social circle. This helps increase your brand retention and recall value through word-of-mouth marketing. Pharma and chemical processing companies can also use the gamified experience to incentivize and reward their customers spending valuable time at the virtual experience.

Providing real-time assistance to visitors


A virtual exhibition platform provides customers with the flexibility to attend the virtual event at any time. The content is accessible to the customers for long periods, unlike traditional booths, wherein access to content is over as soon as the event gets completed. Pharma companies can provide digital, downloadable brochures, and other multimedia content, such as videos, audios, and presentations, that customers can store easily. The customers can refer to them as and when they need it.Similarly, companies can also provide guided tours to help simplify the customer experience. Companies can have an experienced, qualified individual as a virtual assistant to answer questions of the customers. Visitors can have live interactions with an experienced professional over a video call in a virtual exhibition booth. With screen sharing features, individuals can better interact with each other and eliminate any communication gap. Additionally, visitors are provided real-time assistance as their queries are answered by the representative right away. This helps build trust and credibility and can lead to faster customer conversion and business growth.

Collecting in-depth visitor data


Companies can collect customized and detailed customer information such as the time spent by the customer in the virtual exhibition booth, the elements interacted with the most, and other metrics related to the customer’s virtual experience. This helps get a detailed idea about customer sentiment and preferences. This can prove highly effective in follow-up communication and increase the chances of customer conversion through behavioral marketing.

With a virtual exhibition platform, the process of data management is simplified. Companies have complete control over customer data. They have detailed information about attendees, which can be managed easily digitally.

The pharma and chemical processing industries are seeing unprecedented growth at the moment. Thus, it is the right time for the companies operating in these sectors to increase their marketing efforts through a virtual exhibition platform to expand their business horizons and capitalize on the current situation.

To know more about how you can leverage a virtual exhibition platform for your business, feel free to get in touch with us.

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