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Our favourite conference features that help you stand out from the crowd
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Audiences sign up for virtual conferences expecting a lot more than just group video calls. So, how do you give them that? You need to make your virtual conference feature-rich—adding things that they wouldn’t expect but appreciate.

While hosting virtual conferences for our clients on Exhibit 360, we have tried various features that have shown promising results. Here are a few of them.

An Immersive Virtual Event Platform









Your audiences are already spending many hours of the week on video calls. So, if you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, you need to offer them an immersive experience. Use a virtual event platform, like Exhibit 360, to conduct your virtual conference. A virtual platform offers endless possibilities, including fun game sessions, networking lounges, exhibition booths, and a lot more. They can truly transform your virtual conference experience!

Breakout Sessions









Let’s be honest—some virtual conferences can get long. While your content may be exciting and engaging, your audience still needs a break. So instead of going dark for half an hour during the break, why not offer your audience a unique breakout experience? A few exciting breakout session ideas include virtual games, quizzes, impromptu conversations, and a lot more.

We have included breakout sessions in many of our conferences.

Networking Opportunities









One of the primary reasons why people attend virtual conferences is to connect with other industry professionals. Unfortunately, while most conference platforms offer the audience the option to connect with others using a chat box, they aren’t intuitive enough.

You can remove this social friction amongst your audience members by adding intuitive networking opportunities, like networking lounges where they can virtually gather and interact with each other.

And if that’s not enough, we can also help you use AI to match like-minded audience members with each other during your virtual conference!

3D Presentations









One thing conferences never lack are presentations, but what if you could replace regular PPT slides with 3D visual elements? Offering your audience 3D presentations enhances the conference experience as it makes your presentations easier to graph and engaging to watch.

3D presentations are easy to implement with the right virtual event platform, and it enables you to present complex subject matters straightforwardly.

On-Demand Content









Don’t have your audience multitask by making them consume multiple types of content at the same time. Instead, have a dedicated virtual area where they can consume and download content when they want. This centralised content space gives them the ability to consume the content in a way that’s easier for them.

Your audience is expecting a memorable, valuable virtual experience. Offer them that with these features. This will not only improve engagement during the conference but also build brand recall. As mentioned earlier, the possibilities are endless with virtual conferences, so why not utilise them? Contact Blues N Coppers right now to discuss the opportunities.

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