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How we made a big impact with Biamp at Infocomm
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InfoComm India is an international event where providers of Audiovisual solutions come together to display their proudest innovations. The show attracts thousands of visitors from across the country, most of whom are professionals from the audiovisual and media industry. The 2019 edition of the event attracted over 11,000 visitors. International exhibitors seeking to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the Indian audiovisual industry keenly participate in this annual event. Biamp Systems was among these international exhibitors, and sought out the the most reliable agencies for exhibition stand design Mumbai has to offer. And in their hunt for reliable exhibition partners, they found us at Blues N Coppers. Here’s how we exceeded their expectations with our planning and execution of their exhibition stand design:


The client Biamp Systems, a US-based manufacturer of cutting-edge audiovisual technology that specializes in professional-grade sound, video, and communication equipment. The client came with an international reputation which they wanted to leverage in India, a market they see huge potential in. Biamp wanted to make a favorable impression on the Indian market with their innovative and top-quality solutions. They wanted to do this by presenting their best innovations at Infocomm 2019, held in Mumbai, at the Bombay Exhibition Center.


We at Blues N Coppers were given a clear set of instructions and objectives, along with specific technical requirements that would need to be met, considering the technological nature of Biamp’s offerings. They needed their exhibition stand design partner to build an exhibition booth that clearly adhered to their brand guidelines. We also needed to balance the available floor and wall space to demonstrate Biamp’s products as well as display the booth graphics in a minimalistic yet impactful manner. With this brief and a floor space of 48 square meters, we got started on the exhibition stand design process.

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One of the biggest challenges for us in the project was maximizing the booth space and optimally distributing it between Biamp’s products, meeting spaces for visitors as well as the graphics and brand communications. But as an experienced exhibition stand design agency, we at Blues N Coppers found this challenge fairly easy to scale. Our design team chalked up an exhibit design that allowed ample space to balance all the key elements, from graphics to product displays. We used attractive visual design to attract visitors to the exhibit, while also strictly adhering to Biamp’s brand guidelines. Overall booth design had both form and function in the right measures. As a result. We were able to attract a heavy footfall while maximizing visitor engagement and brand awareness.


For messaging through booth graphics, we decided to go with a minimalistic approach, as we did not want to cover up our booth walls with communications. We decided to keep our messaging concise and focused to maximize impact. We also strategically placed Biamp’s products along the booth walls to create an open atmosphere within the exhibition stand. This not only allowed great freedom of movement for the exhibition visitors but also gave Biamp’s staff the space to engage with leads and visitors.

In addition to planning and executing the exhibition stand design and build process for Biamp, we also helped them with rentals for booth equipment and accessories for their product demonstration. Thus, we lived up to our name of being a premium full-service exhibition agency.


The result of this collaborative effort between Biamp and Blues N Coppers was a high influx of visitors who left with a lasting, favorable impression of Biamp as a brand and its products. The premium build quality of the exhibition booth stand conveyed the calibre of the Biamp as a company and thus ended in success for both us and the client. This project and its success also reemphasized one of our core beliefs — the size of your booth doesn’t matter as long as you know how to utilize it. And as one of the leading creators of exhibition stand design Mumbai and India have to offer, we at Blues N Coppers have always lived by the philosophy of thinking beyond just square meters to drive exhibition success.

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