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How we engaged 5000+ visitors with our exhibit at Excon India (Project Video Inserted)
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Excon 2019, Bangalore was a huge event not just for the Indian construction industry as a whole, but also for us at Blues N Coppers. It was an event where we yet again, as an exhibition stall designer agency, did what we do best – produce an awe-inspiring trade show exhibit. While that aspect of our work remains the same as every other project of ours, this one was just as unique overall as any other of our works. The combination of the client, industry, venue and the fact that we had to build an outdoor exhibition stall made this project a uniquely challenging one and the result, a uniquely satisfying one. Here’s how it all happened:   
Excon India

The client

The client, CDE Asia, is the Asian division of CDE Global, a prestigious manufacturer of wet processing equipment for quarries and mines. The company prides itself on its 25-year legacy and the fact that it is the leading manufacturer of wet processing plants in the world. CDE Asia wanted a premium exhibition stall designer agency in Bangalore to conceptualize and build their stall for Excon 2019. Since we had already established ourselves in the Indian exhibition and events industry, we were in the running for the opportunity to partner with CDE Asia for the event. What sealed the deal for us was our impressive design capabilities, our excellent client servicing, and our overall approach to problem solving.
Excon India

The brief

The standards to meet at Excon 2019, Bangalore was already high. Being an event that saw participation from the construction industry, this was one occasion when the build quality and design of your stall quite literally reflected the quality of your offering and your brand perception. CDE wanted to demonstrate their industry-leading offerings to qualified leads and get as many bookings for their wet processing equipment as possible. They wanted their exhibition stall, which was to be built on a 600-square-meter open space, to exude quality in every aspect and make a lasting impression on visitors.

In addition to designing and building the outdoor exhibition stall, we at Blues N Coppers were also expected to plan and run the whole show, from arranging giveaways, managing pantry consumption, organizing the event staff, planning the audio visuals, getting permissions, and managing the event.

The process

This project, being the first engagement between CDE Asia and Blues N Coppers, required us to take extensive efforts to learn about our client and their offerings. What made this aspect, and the entire process, challenging was that we had a very short lead time of 5 weeks to conceptualize, design, build, and finish the entire outdoor exhibition stall. We had to coordinate extensively with the CDE Asia team to get the graphics right and the overall structural design to the mark during this period.

Since we had to build an outdoor exhibition stand in Bangalore with an uneven ground surface, we first had to create a level surface. To do that, we laid paver blocks over the entire 600 square metre area which not only served our functional purpose but also gave our space an aesthetic face-lift. We planted flags with CDE Asia’s branding in the periphery of the exhibition stall to maximize brand visibility and also wrapped the booth surfaces with eco-friendly graphics. We paid extra attention to the materials used in the construction and the overall structural quality of the exhibition stall as it had to withstand the outdoor atmosphere. We took into account the cold and potentially rainy weather in Bangalore when building the stall, and as a result, built a sturdy exhibition stall.

We also incorporated one of CDE Asia’s popular offerings – the Combo X70 Smart — a large sand washing machine into our exhibit in a seamless manner, which gave visitors a first-hand experience of the product.

The result

All the above elements came together to not only attract over 5000 visitors to CDE Asia’s booth but also sell a significant number of their products, with the key handing ceremonies handled by us at Blues N Coppers. In addition to being well-received by visitors, our efforts also pleased the client. Mr. Alexander Baart, CDE’s Regional Director for South East Asia, who travelled to India to attend Excon for the first time was impressed by the arrangements and the build quality of our outdoor exhibition stall. As for us at Blues N Coppers, we were satisfied with our effort, because nothing pleases us more than when we get acclaim from client and visitors alike – no matter how much we get used to it!

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