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How virtual exhibitions enhance data-driven marketing
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Businesses are increasingly using virtual exhibition booths to reach out to their audiences and promote their products. However, the capabilities of virtual exhibitions extend well beyond sharing information with potential customers. Virtual exhibitions can also help marketers to gain information on their target audience to implement data-driven marketing.

Data-driven marketing is an approach to marketing that uses data — acquired through customer interactions and from third parties — to gain a detailed view of the customers’ motivations, preferences, and behaviors. Data-driven marketing helps businesses to optimize their marketing efforts by enhancing the user experience based on insights gleaned from customer data. Here’s how virtual exhibitions can become an integral part of marketing operations and enhance data-driven marketing.

Capturing customer behavioral data

A single customer can approach an enterprise in different ways. They can interact with you via online as well as offline methods, such as phone calls, text messages, emails, and websites. Virtual exhibitions can seamlessly integrate as a customer-inflow channel and can provide an additional medium for capturing user information. The customer data collected from virtual exhibitions can be combined with other sources to gain valuable insights.

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However, one of the biggest benefits of using virtual exhibitions for data-driven marketing is that it allows us to capture the kind of customer data that is otherwise not possible to collect. Enterprises can use simple methods such as tracking the user’s movement patterns within the booth and their stay time at different parts of the booth. Or, marketers can also use advanced technologies such as eye-tracking or facial recognition to know what the users are focusing on and the emotions they are experiencing. These additional non-textual insights about the customer can help with detailed customer profiling.

Augmenting existing data sources

You can easily integrate the customer data gathered from virtual exhibition booths into a centralized CRM system such as Salesforce, SAP, or Zoho. You can keep building the customer profile over a period of time easily with data collected from virtual exhibitions as well as other mediums like social media analytics.

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You can capture data of the same individual for multiple virtual events hosted by your organization and track their behavior for the same. This helps to better understand the preferences of customers over time.

Personalizing marketing communications

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You can use the data gathered through your virtual booth then align your marketing strategies focused on personalization. With user tracking, you can display relevant ads on other websites through Google AdWords. You can send out personalized marketing messages on a periodic basis and create multi-channel personalized marketing campaigns through platforms like MailChimp and Hubspot, among others.

With automated personalized marketing, you won’t have to worry about manual marketing. You can set predefined personalized material to be sent out based on the user. For example, if a cold client comes back to your virtual exhibitions after months, you can send personalized emails automatically through automation marketing software. You can even create personalized virtual booth tours in the future in a manner that appeals to the customer’s taste, based on the data collected by the virtual exhibitions.

Now that you’ve realized how virtual booths can enhance your data-driven marketing strategies, here are a few tips to implement your own data-driven marketing strategy with virtual booths:

  • Identify and establish clear goals
  • Decide what data you need to gather
  • Build detailed buyer personas based on the data gathered
  • Calculate your ROI on a regular basis

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