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How to Plan Giveaways for Your Virtual Event
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Giveaways, or brand swag, were an essential element of live events, but they are no longer given much attention. Most companies organising virtual events do not consider giveaways as they would with live events, which is a big mistake. Brand swag is important; they show your attendees that you care, improve your brand recall and awareness, and work as engagement-catalysts.

While the other companies look away from giveaways, this may be time for you to start focusing on them. It is time to stand out from the crowd by using brand giveaways. However, planning giveaways is not the same anymore, so we have created a simple guide. Here it is.

Determine Your Giveaway Goals


The first step is to determine what you are trying to achieve with the giveaway for your virtual event. Your entire giveaway approach depends on your goals. If you want to improve your brand recall with your giveaway, you need to focus on the more physical types of brand swag. And if you simply want to use your brand swag to boost engagement, you can focus on digital giveaways, too.

Time the Giveaway


The next step in planning the giveaway is choosing the right time to do so. This step depends on your goals. For example, if you want to create hype for your event, you need to start the giveaway process a few months before the event, and if you want to show gratitude, you can distribute brand swag post-event. On the other hand, you can even use giveaways to boost registration by offering them as lead magnets.

Figure Out the Type of Brand Swag


There are various types of brand swag that you can use for your virtual event; some require many planning and resources, and others, not so much. The two major types of giveaways are physical gifts delivered to the doorstep and virtual gifts that you can share via the internet.

We all know the best physical giveaways, but what about virtual giveaways? The best examples of virtual giveaways are gift-cards, subscriptions, one-on-one online sessions with industry experts or influencers, sponsored online courses, and much more.

Gather Attendee Information


Once you have figured out the previous elements, you should now start gathering information about your attendees, i.e., their home address (if you opt for physical brand swag), email address, phone number, the industry they belong to, etc. This information will help you choose the right giveaways for them that they would enjoy and appreciate.

Use the Right Virtual Event Platform

You may have the best giveaway program, but it won’t be successful if you don’t use the right virtual event platform, like Blues N Coppers’ Exhibit 360. We offer you custom virtual event solutions that align with your goals, and we can help you distribute your giveaway gifts with our virtual event platform. Contact us now.

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