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How to maximize lead generation at your next exhibition
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Improving brand awareness, generating more leads, and closing sales deals — these are among the most common objectives that businesses have when they participate in trade shows and exhibitions. And as a full-service exhibition stall design agency in Mumbai, India, these objectives become a part of our KPIs as exhibition partners as well. And from our experience of working in numerous exhibitions across India, we have learned that an increase in brand awareness is something that automatically happens if your exhibition stand design is up to the mark.

On the other side, direct sales in most cases is not a very realistic target for trade show participation. That’s because most visitors or potential clients at B2B trade shows come to these events to check for and assess their options. Actual sales generally happen after a few follow-ups after the event. A more realistic yet substantial objective for exhibitors as well as full-service exhibitions is to get more leads — leads who can be converted into customers. And achieving lead generation targets is not an easy task. That is until you get a few things right such as follows:

Define your target group

Leads are qualified members of your target group who have given you their contact information and are likely to buy from you. And not all marketing approaches work the same for all target groups. For instance, a middle-aged corporate manager from the manufacturing industry may not respond positively to the design and messaging that young entrepreneurs from the IT industry find appealing. That is why, as a full-service exhibition stall design agency, if there is one thing we have learned from exhibiting in Mumbai and across India is that there is no such thing as “targeting everyone”.

Target Group 2

It is critical that you define your target group before you set about planning anything else about your exhibit. That’s because profiling your visitors is a critical first step before you pick the theme, the design, messaging, entertainment, refreshments, the merchandise to hand out, and pretty much everything else for your exhibit. By focusing on a specific set of people, you can maximize the overall effectiveness of your strategy. To do so, we as a full-service exhibition stall design agency perform extensive research and in collaboration with our clients to identify and understand your target group. As a result, we are able to create exhibition strategies that effectively attract the right kind of people to your exhibit.

Get your design and messaging on point

To generate leads, you first have to attract enough visitors to your exhibit. And design and messaging play a pivotal role in attracting your target group towards your stand. Once you’ve identified your target group, you’ll have a clear idea on what theme to use for your exhibit’s design and messaging. Make your design as catchy and your messaging as captivating as possible. Getting your exhibit designed by a full-service exhibition stall design agency with proven design expertise will give it a unique attractiveness that will make people curious and interested in visiting your booth.


When it comes to exhibition stall design, ensuring brand visibility is as critical as getting the design right. Since there will be hundreds of other exhibitors at the event vying for visitors’ attention, being noticed would get things started. To do so, you must leverage your exhibition stand’s exterior graphics to ensure long range visibility. Ensuring long-range visibility will ensure that your stall is noticed by a larger section of the visitors at the venue, thereby increasing your footfall.

Use lead magnets

Getting a high footfall at your stall is only half the job done. The next step is getting qualified leads for your business from among your visitors. Now, there may be people who may have already decided to make an inquiry or better, make a purchase from you. They will be more than willing to share their contact details with you right away and have questions for you. To serve them, it is ideal to have an easily accessible enquiry desk manned with your product experts and marketing personnel. Make it a place where people can easily give information about themselves and get information about your products.

Leads Magnet

For visitors who are not entirely willing to give away their contact information, you can use giveaways as lead magnets. You can hand out useful items like notebooks, calendars, pens, bags, and a host of other things as freebies to your visitors in exchange for their contact information. To make the process of lead generation through this method more effective, you and your personnel can ask visitors qualifying questions to avoid giving away too many freebies to unqualified leads. You may have to do this, especially if you are giving out expensive items as lead magnets.

Be open and interactive

Ultimately, the point of participating in exhibitions is to have personal interactions with members of your target groups. And to invite such interactions, you and your team will have to be at your social best. You will have to appear professional and approachable through your attire as well as behavior. Moreover, you and your team will have to actively initiate interactions with your visitors to not just qualify them, but also to humanize your brand in the eyes of your target group. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to generate leads than taking a passive approach and relying on your exhibition stall to do all the work.


By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to maximize your lead generation results. Now, this may seem like a lot to do for you and your team. That is why, it is recommended that you hire experienced exhibition experts like us at Blues N Coppers, to ensure your lead generation strategy incorporates all the suggestions mentioned above. We at Blues N Coppers are a full-service exhibition stall design agency from Mumbai with a proven track record of planning and executing successful exhibition campaigns all across India. And when we say full-service, we mean it. We can not only plan and build your exhibition stall, but can also handle all your other exhibition needs like staffing, entertainment and lead generation activities.

To know how we, as a full-service exhibition stall design agency, can help you maximize lead generation, get in touch with us now.

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