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How to maximize exhibition booth space?
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Does size matter when it comes to exhibition booths? The answer to that may not be as straightforward as you’d expect. While having a large booth space can give you greater variety of options in terms of design and the kind of features you can have in your exhibit, it is not the end-all, be-all determinant of trade show success. What is a strong determinant of exhibition success, however, is how you use the space you have to create the greatest impact on your target audience? Hiring a creative stall designer with great design and engineering skills can help you create an exhibition booth that will leave your audience awestruck. A well-designed booth that makes the most of its available space always trumps a booth that is large but is uncoordinated in terms of design and structure. Here are a few ways you can maximize your booth space and amplify its impact, regardless of how compact it may be:

Pick your location wisely

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An important aspect of your exhibition booth strategy should be the location of your booth within the convention center or trade show hall. Building your booth at the most visible and accessible locations within the venue can help your booth receive a high footfall regardless of your size. These spots can change from venue to venue, but most generally are areas that are close to the entrance, or locations where you are surrounded by open spaces instead of the venue’s outer walls, and other similar areas where your booth has greater chances of being seen.

Use colors that enhance space perception

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The way people perceive the available space can be manipulated to your advantage using the right choice of colors and making other structural adjustments. For instance, according to studies, using warm shades like red and orange to color walls can make places to be perceived as less spacious than it actually is, while cooler shades can make spaces seem larger. Using white would appear to be the option in terms of maximizing the perception of spaciousness. Making other structural adjustments, like having higher ceilings, can also make your booth look more spacious. An experienced and creative stall designer will take all these factors into consideration to maximize the space of your booth while keeping the design as closely consistent with your brand’s design guidelines as possible.

Include more open spaces

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While it is obvious that your booth should offer isolation and differentiation from neighboring stalls, that does not mean that you build an exhibition stall that is completely closed off. It is important to have enough open and free areas throughout your booth space for people to enter, see, and move through your exhibit. Also, having enough open spaces will ensure that your visitors don’t feel constricted and uncomfortable while they are inside your exhibition booth. But having too many open spaces may not be a good idea either. You must have enough closed areas in your stall to enable your leads to have better interactions with your team at the event. You can build small lounge or meeting areas for qualified leads to relax and have discussions with your marketing personnel. You can even consider having open meeting areas with seating arrangements for your leads, to give your booth a more aired out feel.

Leverage lighting to your advantage

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Lighting, just like your color choices can make a difference in terms of how your booth space is perceived. Well-illuminated spaces can look like they are larger than dimly-lit ones. You must use the right type of lighting at the right places to highlight your brand and offerings in the most flattering way possible. Investing in good lights and placing them strategically can help your brand pop in the eyes of trade show visitors, thereby enabling you to gain more visibility. Using proper lighting in your closed spaces combined with the use of the right chores can evoke a sense of comfort among your visitors, helping you to engage them for longer and have fruitful interactions with them.

Build a mezzanine exhibition stall

mezzanine stall

The best way to maximize your space is to build upward, in the form of a double deck or mezzanine exhibition stall. A mezzanine exhibition stall can help you to double your available space to incorporate elements like line areas, presentation rooms, cafes and other special attractions to maximize the impact of your exhibit. Building a mezzanine exhibition stall also allows you to balance the close private spaces with open areas for your product demonstrations and other branding efforts.

By now you’ve probably realized that when it comes to exhibition stand design, bigger isn’t always better. Hiring a creative stall designer who can incorporate all the above ideas and more will be able to give you an exhibition stall that can offer your visitors a memorable experience, while offering you great returns on your investment regardless of the space you’ve rented.

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