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How to budget for your exhibition stall design and build
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Budgeting for an exhibition stall may seem like a pretty straightforward affair if you’re attempting it without the help of an experienced exhibition design agency. But, having worked on numerous exhibition stalls — including a few award-winning exhibition stall designs — we can assure you that it is not that simple. That’s because there are many factors that must be considered before creating a budget for your exhibition stall that many inexperienced exhibitors miss out on. This leads to them leaving several factors unaccounted for, resulting in last-minute changes and adjustments. And the outcome is often an underwhelming exhibition campaign that is financially less effective than planned.

To prevent any budgeting issues during the execution phase of your exhibition stall strategy, there are a few points that you must consider before your next exhibition.

What to consider when you budget for your exhibition stall

The budgeting requirements for exhibition stalls change for every case, depending on the brand, the objective, the industry, and the event. However, there are a few exhibition stall elements that you must always factor in during the budgeting process, as they form essential components of the overall exhibition expenditure:

Stall size

The size of your stall is a major factor for consideration while evaluating the overall exhibition cost. The cost of floor space in square feet or meter will differ from one exhibition venue and event to another. Besides, each trade show and venue will have a minimum area that must be rented by exhibitors, which should also be factored in while deciding on the floor space and the budget allocation for it. Additionally, the location of the stall within the venue may also help determine the cost of floor space required. The locations from where your stall is most likely to be noticed by visitors can cost more than other spots. Based on your objectives, strategy, and constraints, you must decide on how much you can invest in floor space.
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If you cannot afford a large enough floor space for your exhibit, you can opt to build a double deck exhibition stall to get twice the space for the rent you pay. In most cases, getting a double deck stall is much cheaper than renting out the same area across the exhibition floor. Thus, by using a double deck stall you can have a stall that is large enough to meet all your needs, without requiring much in terms of investment.

Stall structure and design

The booth design and structure also determine the overall cost of the stall. Conventionally designed booths cost lesser than the customized ones, which are built in non-standard shapes. You can expect to pay more if you want a lot of customization in your stall, which will help it stand out and be more consistent with your brand messaging.
Additional structural features like a mezzanine will also affect your budget. Mezzanine exhibition stalls, due to the structural complexity involved and the advantages, will cost more than a standard single or double deck exhibition stall.
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Materials used

The materials used for the flooring, walls, display areas, and the base structure can be varied based on your specific requirements, which will decide the overall cost of building your exhibition stall.

While you may have limited options for building the basic structure of your exhibition stall, you have limitless options in terms of how you want the different surfaces in your stall to look. You can use different fabrics, cardboard, wood, or foam to separate different sections or use different carpets, wallpapers, paints, and similar materials for giving your surfaces different looks.

Stall graphics

The graphics and signage used can make up a significant portion of your exhibition stall budget. Strategically planned and professionally made design elements and signages add to the brand appeal of your exhibition stall. And these elements can be costly if outsourced to skilled professionals. It is often better to hire an exhibition stall design agency that provides such services as a part of the overall exhibition design service to minimize the expenses.

Equipment and furniture

Digital screens and audio equipment like speakers for giving demonstrations, playing advertisements, entertaining with music, and making announcements can either be rented or carried by you to the venue. Similarly, you can use your own furniture within the booth if you have something that goes well with the theme of the booth as well as your brand. Or, you can rent furniture from a vendor near the venue.

Either option (buy or rent) will have different costs attached. If you carry your own equipment and furniture, you will have to pay for long-distance shipping, drayage, and storage. If you choose to borrow these items, you will obviously be required to pay the rent.

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Supplies and consumables

Supplies and consumables like drinking water, snacks, tissues, glasses, etc. should also be accounted for while creating the budget for your exhibition stall. If you plan on handing out memorabilia, branded merchandise, and gifts to visitors, they should also be included as a cost element in your overall exhibition strategy.

Electricity and internet access

Some venues include electricity charges with the cost of booking the booth space, while others may not. Being aware of how electricity is billed at your next venue will help in budgeting for the event more accurately. Additionally, you may also require added power if you use special appliances or have electrically-powered products to demonstrate to visitors. Extra power requirements will cost more while making a significant difference to your overall exhibition cost.

In addition to these costs, you must also be aware of any other costs associated with designing and building your exhibition stall. However, considering that the overall exhibition cost is broken down into so many different components, it can not only make it difficult for you to keep track of the expenses but can actually cost you more because of the different people (designers, vendors, builders, planners, etc.) involved. It is, therefore, advisable to team up with an exhibition partner who can offer more than award-winning exhibition stall design and construction services. Such an agency can help you plan for all the stall components mentioned above, within your specified budget!

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