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How Blues N Coppers exceeded expectations at PU Tech India with Huntsman
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PU Tech India 2020 is fast approaching, and we at Blues N Coppers are already waist-deep in prep work for our clients participating at the event. It’s hardly surprising, as we’ve created a reputation as a premium exhibition stand designer for PU Tech with our stunning displays at the previous editions of the event. Our work for Huntsman India at PU Tech 2017, for instance, makes a great case for our creativity, design expertise, and ability to execute flawlessly. Read on to find out how we, together with Huntsman India, raised the bar for creative stand design at PU Tech 2017:

The background

Huntsman India, a leading international manufacturer of polyurethane products, were on the lookout for the most premium exhibition agency India had to offer for PU Tech 2017. Impressed by our lucid visualization and captivating design presentation, they entrusted us with the responsibility of designing and building their stand. As the prime sponsor of PU Tech India exhibition, the onus was on Huntsman for setting the benchmark for booth design and presentation. They needed their 200 sq. m. booth space to be the center of attraction that conveyed the wide range of their offerings and areas of applications.

The brief

From handle grips on tennis rackets to seat cushions in luxury cars, Huntsman’s polyurethane products are used in a diverse range of application areas. And explaining the brand’s versatility by demonstrating the different application areas where their products are being used, viz., comfort and consumer products, automotive, construction, and innovative applications primarily in the sports segment was the core objective. Huntsman wanted to build a premium exhibition stall that showcased the application of their PU in each of these application areas.

The execution

VIsually demonstrating the different areas where Huntsman’s Polyurethane products to the normal visitors in a clear and impactful manner is a challenge. That’s because the product is used in non-obvious places such as grips of sports rackets, car seats, adhesive in tennis balls, shoes, and mattresses, to name just a few. Simply displaying these products would leave too much to the audience’s imagination while figuring out where Huntsman’s offerings come into play. To overcome this hurdle, Blues N Coppers devised a novel and unique approach.
premium exhibition agency India, exhibition stand designer for PU Tech

To demonstrate Huntsman’s role in the four application areas, we erected four pillars, each focusing one application area through a display item. To show Huntsman’s role in making shoes, they were cut into layers and presented with the tagline, “Walk the Extra Mile”. To demonstrate Huntsman’s role in automobiles, we incorporated the visual representation of a sedan along with comfortable seats. Similarly, a mattress was laid to tell the tale of a coy home. And an authentic clay court was constructed to show the innovative use of Huntsman’s PU products. All these elements created the perfect visual impact and conveyed the intended messaging. The double deck stand with a mezzanine overlooking the lower area and the premium build quality amplified Huntsman’s image as a prestigious brand.
premium exhibition agency India, exhibition stand designer for PU Tech
premium exhibition agency India, exhibition stand designer for PU Tech

The impact

Ultimately, we were able to deliver a memorable and unparalleled exhibition experience to their visitors, and communicated Huntsman’s brand value in a convincing manner. It also helped us to establish ourselves as a trusted exhibition stand designer for PU Tech India, and a premium exhibition agency in general.

See the project video here

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premium exhibition agency India, exhibition stand designer for PU Tech
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