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How an experienced exhibition stall designer in delhi can help you stand out at Elecrama India
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If you’re an organization seeking to profit from the booming electrical power generation and distribution industry in India, Elecrama 2020 is an event you must ace. The event, which attracted over 200,000 people in its previous edition in 2018 and saw participation by around 1200 exhibitors, is set to be bigger, brighter, and more beneficial to successful exhibitors. And being a successful exhibitor involves much more than just enlisting the services of the best exhibition stall designer Delhi has to offer. It requires perfection in every aspect of your exhibition campaign, from the overarching strategy to the minutest details like finding the right vendors for your stand supplies. And to do that, you’ll require the assistance of an exhibition stand design agency that can help you with more than just stand design and fabrication. An experienced exhibition stand agency can be of great value to you by:

Helping you with proven exhibition strategies

While there is no sure-shot formula for acing an event such as Elecrama 2020, there are a few tried and tested strategies that experienced agencies acquire over time. You can benefit from the experience of such agencies when you partner with them. While you can definitely experiment with your stand design
Exhibiting in India
such agencies when you partner with them. While you can definitely experiment with your stand design and overall exhibition strategy, having the experience of an exhibition stand agency can ensure that your experimental strategies are executed in a risk-free manner. Also, an experienced stand designer in Delhi can help you navigate the uncertainties associated with the venue since they will have ample experience working at the exhibition venue in Greater Noida, which is a little distance off Delhi. Additionally, your exhibition partner can ensure that your stand is built by the best exhibition stand designer Delhi can offer. Your partner can also help you get a reasonable deal for building your stand, which can ensure that your budget is well utilized while giving you an exhibit that stands out to your audience.

Enabling you to comply with regulations

Elecrama is a heavily regulated event and follows strict timelines and regulations. Your stall designs must get approved by the governing body before you can fabricate and assemble it at the event. An experienced can help you design and exhibition stand that is truly unique and visually appealing while also meeting structural requirements to gain the approval of the regulatory committee.
Exhibiting in India
Having an experienced exhibition stand design agency to support you can enable you to focus on your exhibition strategy and your primary objectives, while they take care of the regulations and stipulated timelines for performing various formalities. Thus, you can focus on what matters to you the most — your marketing strategy, your team, and your presentations and pitches while your partner handles the compliance requirements.

Assisting with the promotion of your exhibit

An end-to-end exhibition agency can not only help you make an impact with your exhibition stand but can also ensure that you build enough hype before the event. Your exhibition partner can suggest effective marketing strategies that are tailored to your brand, industry, requirements, constraints, and objectives. As a result, you can see more footfall at your exhibit during Elecrama 2020 and meet the objectives you set for the event. Experienced exhibition agencies can also help with the execution of your marketing plan and ensure that your exhibition participation gains enough traction across various marketing channels before and during the event.

Connecting you to the right sources

Another area where having an experienced exhibition partner can help is for finding local suppliers for your different exhibition needs. In addition to hiring the most skilled exhibition stall designer Delhi has to offer, you also need vendors to meet your other exhibition needs. This includes getting the manpower to build and set up your booth at the venue, transportation company to get your stand to the venue in Greater Noida and stand supplies like food, marketing collateral, handouts, and audio-visual systems.
Exhibiting in India
Partnering with an experienced exhibition stall designer in Delhi can help you in a lot more than the aforementioned areas when you participate in Elecrama 2020. Experienced exhibition agencies that provide end-to-end services like Blues N Coppers can ensure that all your exhibition campaign needs are taken care of in the way you want them to so that you can gain the maximum ROI and benefits from the event.

Reach out to us to know how our experience can help you ace Elecrama 2020.

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