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How a virtual exhibition booth can help in word-of-mouth marketing
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Traditionally, WOMM was done through direct interaction between individuals, usually through calls, meetings, and text. However, with changing times, WOMM is also changing. In the age of the internet and social media, WOMM has evolved to an unrecognizably great extent. With our lives getting interconnected due to the internet, a single recommendation can have a quicker and more effective impact than traditional word-of-mouth.

Virtual stalls (booths) are set to be the next big thing for marketing products. A virtual booth is a booth that provides an engaging and immersive experience to individuals in a virtual environment. Individuals can visit these virtual booths through their laptops or mobile devices. They offer a new, refreshing experience to the user, which naturally piques their interest and can help in WOMM. Here’s how virtual exhibition stalls can help in word-of-mouth marketing:

360° immersion for share-worthy experiences

360 immersion

A virtual exhibition stall is more immersive and attractive than traditional websites. It leverages immersive technologies that provide a superior online experience, unlike any other. Immersive technologies are gaining prominence, with many corporations focusing their operations on creating content and products based on these technologies.

In an online exhibition stall, exhibitors can have 3D product visuals that allow attendees to view and interact with products in an engaging manner. Users can explore multiple products from every angle possible. Stalls can also have rich and immersive content in multiple formats such as text, graphics, video, and sound to accompany 3D product displays to elevate the user experience. This user experience is similar to watching a 3D movie but with the added ability to interact with various exhibition components as they wish. The interactive and intuitive user interface can be optimized for desktop and mobile devices, empowering the customers to visit the virtual stall as per their convenience.

Most likely, users will never have experienced such a 360° immersive and engaging online experience as most of the websites today have the traditional 2D user interface. Customers will naturally talk about this new, refreshing, and exciting share-worthy experience, that can be easily accessed on computers and mobiles, with their peers and colleagues. This can help with word-of-mouth marketing, as 92% of people believe brand recommendations from friends.

Virtual stall assistants for real-time interaction

You are all familiar with customer service representatives at traditional booths. Virtual exhibition stalls, too, can have customer representatives in the form of virtual assistants with a built-in video call and screen sharing feature. Attendees can follow the virtual assistant as they take customers around the booth on a guided tour. Attendees can communicate with the virtual assistant in the same manner as they would at a live exhibition, only this time through a digital medium. The online exhibition stall can have a dedicated virtual assistant for every attendee available at any point in time, always ready to assist attendees through chat or voice interaction. Most websites currently have a chatbot as a virtual assistant and have limited capabilities in terms of interacting with users or guiding them, making it an unpleasant experience.

Virtual Assistant

Offering live support can help increase user satisfaction and is also the method of communication most preferred by customers. About 79% of customers prefer live chat purely because of the immediacy it offers compared to other channels. This valuable, quick, and refreshing way of communicating online will significantly enhance the user experience of the virtual exhibition stall and make it a share-worthy experience among individuals and help with word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Gamification for added engagement and share-worthiness

Gamification refers to implementing typical gaming elements in other activities such as marketing. Gamification has proven to be an engaging method for attendees to connect with your brand at traditional exhibitions. The same fun and light atmosphere in live exhibitions can be brought over to virtual booths.


Attendees can be presented with gamification modules like trivia and quizzes, where questions and facts pop up depending on the activity of the user. For instance, an automobile exhibitor can display facts and trivia about their organization’s history and legacy at periodic intervals or have users answer questions to unlock new features or information about their product on display. The attendees can then be awarded points for every correct answer and, ultimately, rewards. The rewards can be in the form of an incentive such as a discount coupon or additional services that customers can use later, once they share their experience on social media. Incentive-based marketing is an excellent strategy to improve your word-of-mouth marketing as individuals are more likely to share their experience if they receive some value in return.

Individuals can also challenge their friends and family members to beat their scores, engage in a friendly upmanship, and draw more customers to your brand. This engaging and share-worthy experience can very likely improve your word-of-mouth marketing significantly.

Virtual exhibition stalls are a great way to increase your word-of-mouth marketing. However, they should not be looked at as a replacement for live exhibitions or competition for your website marketing strategies. Virtual booths can complement your traditional marketing methods, such as live exhibitions and other online marketing strategies.

To know how virtual exhibitions work and how you can integrate them into your marketing strategy, feel free to check our virtual booth offering.

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