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Get Inspired by the Best Hybrid Events (That Even We Love)
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There’s no denying that the future of events is going to be hybrid. In fact, many companies around the world have already started investing in hybrid experiences; the most prominent example being Apple. So, if you are looking to host hybrid events in the coming year, here are some hybrid events inspiration ideas.

1.    Aero India 2021









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Who knew that the aerospace and defence industry could benefit from hybrid events? But Aero India 2021 gave us the concrete answer—that hybrid events are flexible and suit any industry. It was the world’s first A&D hybrid event, after all.

Due to social distancing norms and restrictions on in-person footfalls and international travel, the organisers decided on the hybrid route. The results were stunning, with 100% in-person footfalls, 450,000 virtual attendees, and over INR 203 crores worth of orders given.

2.    Natural Products Expo 2021









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To connect its buyers and sellers, Natural Products is launching a virtual event platform with a series of virtual events offering information and content to support their audiences’ retail buying decisions.

To get the best results, the company is also hosting two hybrid events—Natural products Expo West and Natural Products Expo East—as part of the series. At these hybrid events, the buyers could physically visit the venues and experience the products first-hand.

This event is a perfect example of hybrid events being capable of giving your audiences a choice—either the audience can attend the event virtually or choose to visit the event physically, depending on their preferences and interest.

3.    The Yellow Conference









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On the other hand, The Yellow Conference took a unique approach to hybrid events. With a motto, “a community of women creating meaningful work,” the company wanted to offer meaningful event experiences to both virtual and in-person attendees in equal measure.

For the hybrid event, the organisers chose to offer two separate gatherings for in-person and virtual attendees. They managed to provide specific experiences targeted to the audiences niche with the use of separate event experiences. The result? The event was highly engaging, and the feedback was quite positive!

4.    DigiMarCon West









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This 2-day hybrid event was the largest conference series of its kind that attracted markers from across the world. It embraced the latest technology to give the audiences special experiences.

During the event, the in-person audience got a chance to participate in networking luncheons and dinner receptions. In contrast, the virtual audiences got access to exclusive social media groups where they could connect with other attendees.

These separate, unique engagement opportunities ensured that the audiences did not only get all the right information but also adequate networking opportunities during the DigiMarCon West event.

5.    TEDxSydney 2020









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TEDxSydney’s flagship event for 2020 was forced to reinvent itself, but the resulting event was groundbreaking! This hybrid event was notable for several reasons, but what stood out was the execution of the event.

Instead of having the speakers sit at home and live-stream their sessions, the organisers brought them together at a big studio and used high-class production to present the seminars. These high-quality production sessions were live-streamed to the virtual audience.

The in-person venue also had 22 socially distanced audience members and a virtual wall of faces (of virtual attendees) to give the feeling of having a larger audience present at the venue.

6.    TwitchCon









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Twitch, being the world’s leading streaming platform, felt their live event, TwitchCon, was not true to its brand as it lacked live-streamed sessions. So, in 2019, they decided to go hybrid with TwitchCon, where those who couldn’t attend the event in person could stream the event using Twitch’s virtual event platform.

TwitchCon stood out to us for its innovative method of expanding its audience base. Twitch invited the audience to capture and co-stream anything featured on its event platform, which significantly boosted the engagement and reach of the event.

Hybrid events are the next big thing, and you can give your audiences the best hybrid experience by working with Blues N Coppers. With our events experience and virtual event platform, Exhibit 360, we can help you deliver memorable hybrid events.

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