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Four features that your virtual showroom must have
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A virtual showroom primarily functions like a brick-and-mortar business. You have your products on display that visitors can look at and make decisions based on various parameters such as product specifications, design, and capabilities. However, with the help of technology, we can create a virtual showroom that can outperform a traditional showroom by providing a much more engaging, immersive, and interactive experience. However, to ensure that, you need certain features, such as those mentioned below, incorporated into your virtual showroom, leading to a superior visitor experience.

3D, immersive virtual showroom floor

Point 1

With a 360-degree 3D environment, your virtual showroom will look, feel, and provide the same experience to the attendees as a traditional showroom. Attendees will move around in the showroom in a similar fashion as a real showroom, check out and interact with the products on display. You can collaborate with an experienced virtual showroom and exhibition booth designing agency to create a visually appealing, elegantly designed virtual booth that mesmerizes attendees right from the first moment.

Gamification modules

Point 2

We are all familiar with the phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” With gamification modules, provide a relaxing gaming experience to attendees that can set your virtual exhibition booth apart from the hundreds of virtual booths out there. Gamification modules help engage visitors, increase brand retention, and help in word-of-mouth marketing by providing attendees with a fun, playful, engaging experience.

To create a successful gamification strategy, you can develop a game centered around your product, where attendees can uncover more information as they pass each level. You can also have prizes for attendees after completing the game or particular levels.

Multimedia content

Point 3

Like gamification modules, having rich multimedia content for your virtual experiences can improve the attendees’ engagement levels. You can incorporate texts, graphics, audio, and video files to enhance the virtual journey experience. For instance, imagine an automotive exhibitor having a test drive feature that attendees can experience. Wouldn’t the experience be better if the test drive had accompanying sounds of the engine revving, the brakes screeching, or visuals that can make the driver feel like they are driving on a race track rather than having no accompanying audio, video, and graphics?

Live interactions

Point 4

With live interactions, visitors can have a human connection, an essential element of exhibition marketing. You can have a human representative that can take visitors on a guided tour of your virtual showroom. They can converse with the visitors, providing them with product information, or answer the visitors’ query, providing an experience similar to a traditional showroom.

Connecting with your visitors through a digital screen and providing a similar or an enhanced experience than what they are used to will require you to become thoughtful and innovative. Having a virtual showroom that simply replicates your traditional one won’t be enough to attract visitors. Therefore, you need to think outside the box and incorporate technological features and provide an enhanced, engaging, and refreshing experience to your visitors.

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