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Everything You Must Know About Calderys’ CaldeConclave’s Success
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When the possibility of live events becomes difficult, virtual events can be the best alternatives!

Calderys, a global leader in the strata of personalised refractory solutions, wanted to conduct an event for their channel partners, distributors, and other stakeholders. But given the current pandemic situation, organising live events on such a large scale was a major challenge. That’s when they approached Blues n Coppers to make it happen virtually. Blues N Coppers, using its virtual exhibition platform called Exhibit 360 and WebVR-based 360° experience, created a whole new experience of webinars and other events of refractory insights for all sectors. After focusing on navigation, visitor engagement, technology presentations, and being industry-specific, CaldeConclave 2020 came into existence.

What Was CaldeConclave 2020?

Calderys’ first virtual refractory ecohub.


Calderys’ CaldeConclave 2020 was a 2-day premier mega refractory series of events divided into various unique parts. It was an event all about the innovations and advancements in the field of refractory for various industries. The virtual exhibition platform showcased the latest products, solutions, and services in the refactoring sphere.

What Happened in CaldeConclave 2020?

CaldeConclave 2020 was two days with a complete mix of knowledge sharing, real-time interactions and discussions, product demos, break-out activities, and fun sessions.

Live Webinars and Panel Discussions 2

A total of 14 live webinars took place in the conference hall we created using our virtual exhibition platform. The webinars were meant for various industries, from iron and steel to aluminium, to power, to petrochemicals and refineries. These webinars focused on addressing refractory-related problems faced by multiple industries and discussing Calderys’ refractory solutions and innovations for all the industries.

Apart from these, two panel discussions revolved around the topic and innovations of refractory for steel and foundry industries.

Virtual Booths


CaldeConclave 2020 also hosted 20 virtual booths with 10+ interactive activities, product demos, and hands-on experience of using the same. This ensured that participants could explore all the refractory-related solutions brought to them by Calderys, Imerys, and other known brands.

Networking Opportunities and Break-Out Activities


Every event needs a little dash of fun and leisure. And the same was brought to CaldeConclave 2020 through breakout activities, fun games, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities. Using our virtual exhibition platform, we also built spaces dedicated to these breakout activities and interactive opportunities.

Was It Successful?

Look at what the numbers have to say.


Of course, CaldeConclave 2020 was a hit! It went above and beyond Calderys’ and Blues N Coppers’ expectations.

With over 100 years of experience in refractories, Calderys is trusted across industries and around the world. And for a brand this trustworthy and prominent, we had to create a ground-shaking experience for its first virtual series of events.

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