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Defexpo India 2020: What international exhibitors should look for in a domestic exhibition partner
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Defexpo India 2020, set to be held in Lucknow, India, is poised to be a spectacle to behold for anyone involved in the defense sector. If you’re a defense vendor, you stand to gain the most in the form of partnerships with the Indian armed forces as well as Indian defense manufacturers. However, that will only happen if you play your cards right. And by playing it right, we mean choosing the right agency to execute your exhibition strategy.

To ensure that they get the best out of Defexpo India 2020, international exhibitors are looking out for the best exhibition stands design agencies in India. If you haven’t found yourself one yet, you’ll need to hurry as the best exhibition stands design agencies in India will be soon beginning booth fabrication and other preparatory activities for Defexpo India 2020. But how do you identify a reliable exhibition partner for Defexpo India 2020?
Identifying the

Identifying the best exhibition stands design agencies in India for Defexpo India 2020

Defexpo India 2020, unlike the previous editions of the defense trade show, is set to be held in a relatively unfamiliar location in Lucknow. This necessitates a local exhibition partner who is experienced as well as equipped enough to deal with the demands of exhibiting in this location. Following are a few indicators of the best exhibition stands design agencies in India for Defexpo India 2020:

Experience in participating at Defexpo

The first thing you should look out for in the best stands design agencies in India for your Defexpo India 2020 campaign is the experience of exhibiting at the event in previous years. Since Defexpo India and defense exhibitions, in general, are much different than most other trade conventions, it is important to understand the nuances that must be considered while exhibiting at these events. For instance, the primary target audience for at Defexpo India 2020 will be government dignitaries and officials. To cater to such an audience, exhibitors will have to adopt a strategy that is different from that for other trade shows.

Exhibition stand design agencies like Blues N Coppers, who have multiple years of Defexpo experience, can serve as perfect partners for defense exhibitors participating in the next edition of the event.
Stand Design for Defexpo India 2020
( Blues N Coppers have been serving companies from France, Belgium, Israel, USA, UAE and India from Past many editions)

Experience of representing international clients

In addition to having participated in Defexpo before, the best exhibition stands design agencies in India also have the ability to serve international clients. They have the resources, expertise, and professionalism that are necessary to represent international defense companies at international events.

Your local exhibition partner must have the experienced personnel, a dedicated design and fabrication team, and local resources necessary to execute exhibition plans in a timely manner. They must ensure quality and have a track record of doing so. You can assess this in the best stands design agencies in India by looking at their past work.
Stand Designer for Defexpo India 2020

EDPA and IEIA membership for credibility

While there can be many indicators of reliability and credibility for the best stands design agencies in India, there is one unmistakable sign that you can trust them. That is their affiliation with international exhibition trade bodies like the Experiential Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) and the Indian Exhibition Industry Association (IEIA).

Exhibition stand design agencies of the highest caliber are affiliated with these international and national organizations and hence have the knowledge and resources necessary to create top-notch international exhibits. As a result, they are capable of providing the highest quality exhibit booths and can reliably execute your plans down to the T.

Booth fabrication facilities near Lucknow

The best exhibition stands design agencies in India have booth fabrication facilities at multiple key locations across the country. As an international exhibitor, you should look for exhibition agencies that have facilities near the exhibition venue. For Defexpo India 2020 which is to be held in Lucknow, you must hire an exhibition stand design agency that not only has booth building factories but also a general presence in Delhi or its neighboring areas. That way, you’ll essentially nullify all the uncertainty that comes with exhibiting at a new location.
Stand Fabrication for Defexpo India 2020
Partnering with stand design agencies that can service you in Lucknow will ensure that all your exhibition needs — from travel and accommodation to exhibition day supplies — are taken care of. Thus for Defexpo 2020, it is strongly advised to hire the best exhibition stand designer Delhi has to offer.
Blues N Coppers is among the best exhibition stands design agencies in India that can implement your exhibition strategy at Defexpo India 2020. We at Blues N Coppers have the multiple years’ worth of experience representing international defense companies at Defexpo. As members of EDPA and IEIA, we have a track record of providing flawless stand fabrication and exhibition set-up services to global clients. Moreover, our world-class stand building facility in Delhi makes us the perfect choice for Defexpo India 2020.

Get in touch with us to know how we can help you succeed at Defexpo India 2020.

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