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Complement your live event strategy with online events
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Marketing as a function has undergone a lot of changes in the past few decades. Initially, marketing was done purely in the form of mass advertisements, be it through newspapers or television ads. Fast forward to today, and the traditional media have been sidelined completely by online marketing. Online or digital marketing has effectively displaced pretty much every other channel and has become the go-to marketing medium for all businesses. Or has it?

There is one marketing medium that the digitization of marketing has not replaced — event and exhibitions marketing. Live exhibitions and trade shows are still as popular as in previous years. And trust us, we’re not saying this as a premium exhibition agency in India ourselves. In fact, the global exhibitions industry is continuing to grow and despite the current slump, it is expected to grow in coming years. However, online events have their own advantages and should not be ignored completely, as they are on a growth trajectory of their own.

Why are online events growing in popularity?

The primary reason for the growth of online events is probably their reach or accessibility. Online events — just like anything else online — are accessible by anyone across the globe. Anyone with an internet connection, at any given time can conveniently access any content that is online, from within the comfort of their homes. This offers businesses the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience than through traditional means. Another reason for the rising popularity of online events is cost. Organizing online events like conferences and training sessions are much cheaper than their live equivalents. With increased accessibility, convenience, online events have the odds stacked in their favor against live exhibitions. However, there are certain critical aspects of live exhibitions that cannot be replicated online, and therefore online events won’t be replacing live exhibitions anytime soon.

Why can’t online events replace live exhibitions?

The biggest advantage of live exhibitions is the richness of experience that is possible through them compared to online events. As a visitor looking for a specific product, you have hundreds of exhibitors lined up in one location with actual samples of their products on display for you. You can not only experience the products and services first-hand, but also understand the brands and the people behind them with greater depth.
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This offers buyers the opportunity to make highly informed and reliable purchasing decisions, which is especially crucial for B2B purchases. Compared to this, online events are pretty one dimensional and aren’t very reliable in terms of experience. This alone should be enough for businesses to consider live exhibitions. However, online events have specific advantages that can be leveraged to bolster your live event campaigns

How can online events augment my live event strategy?

While planning your participation in live exhibitions, you can also simultaneously create an online event plan to precede the live event. You can offer a teaser or sneak-peek into your exhibit and its features, and any potential giveaways you might be planning for the event. You can even use these events as a way to get commitment from potential visitors to come and visit your exhibition stall.
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Another way of utilizing online events is to follow up after the trade show. You can offer your trade show visitors a refresher or a recap on the happenings at the trade show. For instance, if you or anyone on your team gave an informational talk at the event, you can stream the same as a follow-up online event. There is no limit as to what kind of online event you want to conduct.

What online events can I conduct?

The most popular kind of online event that you can organize is a webinar. A video webinar where you share insightful information on subjects that your target audience is interested in can be a great way to attract people.

Another effective thing to do in an online event is a product launch. While you can have a large launch event with all the fanfare at your live event, you can also introduce or tease the product to a few interested people before the event. That way, if they are interested in your offering, you can set an appointment for them at your stall for the event. As a result, when they meet you at the event, they will be already deeper into your sales funnel than they are in your competitors’.

There are plenty other things in terms of what you can do for online events and how they can benefit you. The more creative you get, the more exciting and more effective you can make your online events. And the more exciting and impactful your online events, greater will be your success at your next live exhibition.

Reach out to us to know how we, as a premium exhibition agency in Mumbai can help you devise your online event strategy.

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