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Building a Virtual Booth? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions First
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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed most industries to move their marketing events to the virtual world, and one of the most virtual events being organised nowadays are virtual booths. If you are planning the same, you must ask yourself the following questions for the most effective virtual booth execution.

1. Why Are You Hosting the Virtual Booth?

1The first question you must ask yourself is what is the rationale behind hosting a virtual booth. Customers don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. If you are hosting the virtual booth merely as a replacement for the physical kiosk, it may not fare well. You need to go deeper than that; the reason can be anything from wanting to connect to a broader audience, showcase an immersive experience of your product or service, or make product demonstrations accessible for distant audiences.

2. Are You Giving Yourself Enough Time to Prepare?

2You must not underestimate the effort involved in planning a virtual booth. Live exhibitions and virtual exhibition platforms have entirely different sets of challenges, and your live event planners may not be able to cope with the same. You need end-to-end execution for your virtual booth, which not everyone can handle. You can contact Blues N Coppers for complete end-to-end planning, marketing, and implementation of your next virtual booth.

3. How Will the Visitors Interact With the Brand Representatives?


The most important aspect of a virtual booth, apart from product demonstration, is live interaction opportunities. The visitors may have various questions about the products or services and prefer talking to a real person instead of a chatbot. You need to provide enough interactive opportunities for your visitors with the help of real-time chat and video or voice calls.


4. What Exhibition Platform Are You Going to Use?

Using the right virtual exhibition platform, like Exhibit 360, is the foundation of your virtual booth. If the virtual platform is full of bugs, performance issues, or latency issues, your visitors may not enjoy interacting with your booth and leave the platform. You need to choose a platform that offers you and your visitors a seamless experience along with 3D immersion, live chats, access to content, and much more. Fortunately, Exhibit 360 offers these and much more.

5. How are You Going to Market the Virtual Booth?


A part of the end-to-end virtual booth exhibition is marketing the experience. You need to begin by preparing a registration landing page for the signees and a campaign to market the event with the right call-to-action. However, marketing does not end here; you need to keep the audience engaged up to the last minute via regular email reminders or hype-building. The event must be followed by a message of gratitude to improve brand recall.

If you are wondering how to manage all these things, you should work with Blues N Coppers. We are a leading custom event agency offering event solutions with our virtual exhibition platform to the global market. We make it easy for you to organise, market, host, and wrap-up the virtual booth with our end-to-end virtual event services.

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