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Be Successful with These Opportunities of Hybrid Events
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According to EventMB, 66.5% of event professionals plan to go hybrid with their events in the coming months. This is not surprising, as hybrid events are the trendiest topic in the event marketing industry right now, and more and more brands are considering switching to hybrid from virtual.

Moving to hybrid events, as opposed to just virtual or in-person events, is the right move because going hybrid has terrific benefits. For instance, hybrid events have higher reach and attendance, better engagement, reduced environmental and travel costs, and deeper data and metrics. All-in-all, hybrid events have the potential for a much higher ROI than in-person or virtual events.

So, if you plan to go hybrid in the coming months, here are some of the ways you can host your hybrid event.

Speakers-Only Hybrid


A speakers-only hybrid event is where the presenters or speakers of your event meet in person while the audiences remain virtual. This is perhaps the most straightforward type of hybrid event, and many brands have already started using this format for their events.

Essentially, this type of hybrid event has two parts—the in-person venue, where the speakers and presenters meet and interact; and the virtual event platform, where the virtual audience sees the presentations and interacts with each other.

The most popular example of such a hybrid event is Apple Launch and Special Events, where its CEO Tim Cook presented the new Apple products on stage, which was then streamed to the global audience via YouTube.

Such events are highly engaging, and they take out quite a lot of coordination problems that come with virtual events. Having all the speakers in one place has a massive impact on the event experience.

Live Studio Audience Hybrid









An extension of speakers-only hybrid can be a live studio audience hybrid. Such an event has all the speakers at the physical venue along with a small number of audience members, and the rest of the audiences are virtual. The presenters get to benefit from the live audience’s energy, some audience members who are willing to travel can attend the event in person, and the event can have immense virtual reach.

TEDxSydney 2020 is the perfect example of a live studio audience hybrid. Amid the COVID-19 restrictions, this hybrid event attracted 88 in-person attendees along with 3,000 virtual attendees, which is a terrific result. If you plan an exhibition event, you can take inspiration from Aero India 2021, the world’s first aerospace and defence hybrid event.

Two Simultaneous Events









You can even get creative with your hybrid event by offering your audience two completely different experiences—in-person and virtual—by hosting a virtual event and an in-person event at the same time. You’ll have two audiences, two scripts, and two sets of speakers; both the events will offer completely different experiences but still be under the same hybrid event umbrella.

Offering such segment-specific experiences to your audiences gives your audience a choice to choose between the two experiences, which will have a tremendous impact on your event’s engagement and attendance.

The best example? Yellow Conference 2020, a hybrid event with two experiences, one in-person and one over a virtual event platform.

Key Takeaways

The industry is just starting with hybrid events, and these are the three terrific opportunities you can try for your next hybrid event, but these are not the only ones. In fact, you can get creative with your hybrid event like you would with your virtual event. The opportunities are endless.

If you have an idea of your next hybrid event, get in touch with Blues N Coppers, and we can bring your vision to fruition using our immense industry experience and our virtual event platform, Exhibit 360. Give us a call now.

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