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Are You Engaging With Your Virtual Participants With These Tactics?
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The world has moved to virtual events, and organisations are striving hard to make their virtual events of all kinds stand out from the event-crowd. Going high on engaging online participants is one of the top things organisers and business owners have been striving to achieve. Still, not everybody has been able to explore all possibilities yet. If you are sailing in the same boat, you might probably be thinking of usual ideas like:

1. Gamifying your entire virtual booth or showroom experience
2. Sending virtual and swag bags to participants to their addresses
3. Providing live and audio chat options
4. Asking for post-event feedback

But why limit yourself to these basic ideas? It’s time to break through the usuals and engage your visual participants with these innovative and out-of-the-box ideas.

Identify Your Set of Audience









When organising an event through virtual event platforms, you already know whether it is for your internal audiences or external people like vendors, partners, investors, and others. Based on this, you can select the right engagement opportunities for them.

For instance, for internal audiences, you can set up breakout zones where they can visit during the break time, interact with other colleagues and participants, and participate in activities. For the external audience, hold Q&A sessions, provide the option of scheduling one-on-one meetings, facilitate on-demand content, ask for live polls, and more.

Surprise Audiences With Cultural Options









Your participants will log into the virtual event with an expectation of following the event plan. Surprise them with cultural and fun activities. This will not only add a punch of excitement to your event but will also keep participants engaged. Using the green screen option of virtual event platforms like Exhibit 360, you can bring cultural performers like comedians, dancers, magicians, emcees, yoga and workout experts, and others to your virtual event. Instead of recording their performances on stage or their locations, shoot them in front of a green screen and then add proper branding, effects, and elements as per your event theme. Getting entertainers on-board is a great strategy for both small and large virtual events.

Try Out Leaderboards and Rewards









People have always been competitive. After all, who doesn’t like participating in activities and winning them too? You can bring the same idea in your next virtual event to engage your audience. Include a leadership board in your event where you have criteria like the most active participant or a regular and returning participant wins. Not just that, you can be as simple as giving 10 points to people for simple things like post a selfie with event hashtags or registering through mobile. Reward the active participant, the returning one, or the best performer. And then, by the end of your main event, announce the top 3, 5, or 10 best performers and reward them with physical swags or hampers.

Get Your Participants Working









Instead of getting passive participants who attend your next virtual event and leave, try finding co-creators. Co-creators who? People willing to do a little something participate in events differently and create an incredible overall experience. Ask your attendees to record and submit a video ahead of your event with time to compile a collaborative video to show during your event. You can do this by setting up a “take a video” option on the registration microsite. Or have a virtual photo booth at the beginning of the event so that you can compile everything and present the final video or picture wall at the end of your event. Doing so makes people an active part of your event and interests other attendees who will recognise co-workers and business associates on-screen.

Sky’s the limit when it comes to engaging your audience. While we wouldn’t want to give out all the awesome ideas in our blogs, we are still open to sharing them with you personally. So give us a call today to discuss participant engagement possibilities for your virtual exhibition, showroom, conference, or practically any virtual event.

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