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Are virtual exhibitions taking the human touch out of marketing?
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Most exhibitors might still be hesitant about adopting a virtual exhibition. They feel that with virtual shows, the human touch element, a key component in exhibition marketing, is missing. The interactions that visitors have with representatives on the exhibition floor is as meaningful as the booth design and the products showcased. Having a pleasant experience with the exhibition attendee can contribute to a sale in the long run. Therefore, exhibitors are somewhat right in their apprehensions regarding virtual experiences.

But, what if we told you that with virtual exhibition booths, too, you can have the same or even a better experience than a live exhibition, including the human touch factor. Exhibitors can integrate the following strategies to humanize the virtual experience, which they are looking for.

Welcoming videos

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You can have a short 30-60 seconds video greeting and welcoming attendees when they click the ‘Enter exhibition’ button. It would be preferable to feature a senior executive from the enterprise in the video. The video can also give attendees a sneak-peek of what they can expect from the event, making the experience similar to traditional events.

For instance, the Zeiss virtual Expo features the President of Zeiss Vision Care, North America, in its welcoming video, adding to the brand’s trust and credibility and providing the booth greeting experience we are all used to.

Guided tours

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Like live events, virtual exhibition booths can have a human representative who will take attendees on tour. The representative can guide attendees through various sections of the virtual exhibition booth, explain the products on display in a natural conversational manner that we are all familiar with. The attendees need to follow the representative’s instructions to have a seamless experience of the virtual exhibition booth visit.

Text and Video Support

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If visitors have any queries or doubts, they can seek answers from the representative in real-time. With the screen sharing feature, the representative can explain concepts and provide product demos from his perspective to better understand the exhibited products. Based on the visitor’s preference, the support can be provided in text (chatbots) or audio/video format.

Live Seminars

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Attendees can attend live webinars after the virtual booth tour is over. Webinars are similar to seminars, the only difference being that they are conducted over the web, hence the term webinar. The webinar experience is similar to a seminar where attendees can interact with speakers, panellists, and other attendees, retaining traditional events’ human touch.

If we look at it, virtual exhibition booths provide almost the same experience for human-to-human interaction as in live exhibitions. Only the medium for communication has changed. As we slowly adapt to a new way of conducting events, this digital boundary, too, will soon diminish. You will feel the same human connection with virtual experiences as you experience in traditional exhibition marketing. So what’s stopping you now from hosting a virtual event?

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