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Apprehensive about virtual booths? Why now is the right time to adopt them
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Enterprises are increasingly gaining awareness about virtual booths and their benefits. But most are holding themselves back from taking the plunge and adopting it themselves. Their concerns regarding virtual exhibition booths are valid, since the technology is fairly new and they wouldn’t want to risk their exhibition marketing on such a new concept.

That being said, virtual exhibition booths can provide enterprises that do adopt it with significant early adopter advantages. Reputed enterprises such as ZEISS, Ledvance, and Anton-Paar have already adopted virtual exhibition booths that have given them an edge over others in the virtual exhibition marketing space. But it’s not too late for others. You can still invest and adopt a virtual exhibition booth to provide a unique, engaging, and refreshing experience to your customers and become an early adopter of the technology.

Still not convinced? Read on to know a few more compelling benefits of being an early adopter of virtual booths to help solidify your decision.

The early bird gets the worm

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Statistics show that the growth of early adopters is more than twice the growth experienced by companies identified as technology followers. Naturally, you will have the first movers’ advantage. Almost all traditional exhibition events stand cancelled in the foreseeable future. This has resulted in all the traditional exhibiting plans and schedules to go haywire.

But, by adopting virtual booths now, you can still use your pre-existing booth design and plans that you already had lined up. How? You can have your existing booth designs transformed into a virtual exhibition booth by a tech-savvy experiential marketing agency. You can then seamlessly exhibit these virtual exhibition booths on your website. This method helps you attract, engage, and communicate with your customers in a time and cost-effective way. Thus, while your competitors wait for things to return to normalcy or contemplate for another few months on other exhibiting options (most likely settling with virtual booths ultimately), you can adopt them now and not worry about your competitors. You will already have attracted clients to your business by being available to them at the earliest.

Still apprehensive? You can get a demo of a virtual exhibition solution to get a first-hand experience of the tremendous new features and functionalities they bring. Once you experience it, you’ll believe in it.

Become the voice of innovation

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As an early adopter, you’ll be perceived as the voice of innovation by your peers and more importantly, by your customers. Down the road, your enterprise will be talked about as the one that led the change. The virtual booth can become your version of what the touchscreen technology in the iPhone did for Apple and what Android did for Samsung. You will be recognized as a risk-taker, a fearless leader, and the one who knows where exactly to place their bet. You will become synonymous with the technology and looked at by your customers as the first enterprise that provided them with an engaging and revolutionary experience enabled by a virtual booth. This will help increase your credibility amongst your customers and also help increase your brand awareness and recognition.

The concept of virtual exhibitions is in its nascent stage, but its adoption is already beginning to gain steam. Considering the current and future scenarios, they are most likely to stay and become an integral part of events and exhibitions marketing. If you board the virtual exhibition booth ship now, you will always be two steps ahead of your competitors as the technology becomes commonplace. Thus undoubtedly, the time to adopt virtual booths is now!

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