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Acing PU Tech 2020: Here’s what it takes
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With less than two months to go for PU Tech 2020, leading PU-based manufacturing companies from across the globe have already started plotting their strategy for the event. And if you’re participating in the event to achieve your international ambitions, then you better come all guns blazing, as the 6th edition of the event is about to get more competitive than ever.

Having helped leading PU companies — including the main event sponsors, Huntsman International — succeed at the previous editions of PU Tech, we at Blues N Coppers know what it takes to outshine the competition. To help you do the same, we’ve laid out a blueprint outlining the best practices, the most relevant trends, and effective tips for PU Tech 2020, Noida, India:

The basics: finding an exhibition stand designer in Delhi

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The first step towards acing a trade show is getting the best stand design agency your money can buy to conceptualize and fabricate your stand. And it would be advantageous for you to get a stand design team that is not only extensively experienced, but also one that is at a convenient distance from the venue. Thus, it is vital to hire the best exhibition stand designer Delhi can offer, since it is the closest city to Noida. In fact, it is critical to get your stand designer for PU Tech 2020 from Delhi, as the event guidelines completely prohibit fabrication activities like metal welding, spray painting, and wood board cutting and sanding at the venue. This means that only prefabricated, ready-to-assemble stands will be allowed inside the venue. Thus, to minimize logistical hassles and enable incorporate last-minute changes, you’ll need your stand design partner to have a fabrication facility in close proximity to the venue.

The preparation: promoting your exhibit and attracting leads


As you already know, PU Tech India is an opportunity that only comes once every three years. And three years is a long time from a business perspective. It is important to build enough hype surrounding your participation at PU Tech 2020 among your target group, so that your booth receives a high footfall, resulting in a high return on your investment. You can do this by undertaking supportive activities like conducting roadshows at important locations, in addition to standard methods like social media and email marketing.

Exhibition stand designer Delhi, Stand designer for PU Tech 2020
By planning roadshows, you can connect with your leads in a highly interactive manner and personally invite them to your booth at PU Tech 2020. You can also use other means of promotion like advertising through signages in airports to appeal to international visitors and always remain top-of-mind among your target group.

The design: identifying and following key design trends

To make a visual impact on stand visitors, exhibitors must keep abreast of the trends in the exhibition stand design in recent events. In recent years, a leading trend among the most successful exhibitors has been to build double deck exhibition stalls to make the most of their available space. Having a mezzanine exhibition stand can enable you to not only give you enough space to display all your products, but can also give you the space to entertain your visitors and have more meaningful interactions with them. For instance, you can build a lounge or presentation area on the upper floor. This space can also help you to isolate your target group from the general visitors.
Exhibition stand designer Delhi, Stand designer for PU Tech 2020
Another design trend that you should consider for your exhibition stand is maximizing the utilization of your booth space to offer an open atmosphere for stand visitors. Thus, it is important to have a booth design that establishes the perfect balance between visual identity, visitor mobility, and product displays.

By hiring a premium exhibition design agency that has a skilled design team will ensure that your exhibition stand incorporates the latest design trends. Additionally, it will also ensure that these design elements blend seamlessly with your brand design, while highlighting your offerings adequately.

The experience: creating an unforgettable visitor experience

To give your visitors — and target group, in particular — a memorable experience, you may need to incorporate multiple interactive elements into your stand design. Using technology like augmented and virtual reality to give your visitors an engaging tour of your range of offerings can go a long way in standing out among competitors. The same effect can also be achieved by organizing fun and interactive activities at your stand. You can even shoot photos and videos of your visitors interacting with your people and participating in activities conducted as part of your exhibit.
Exhibition stand designer Delhi, Stand designer for PU Tech 2020

Polyurethane and similar materials are seldom sold as standalone offerings to consumers and come as a part of other products from different industries, ranging from aerospace to construction. Using interactive elements can play a critical role in illustrating where your polyurethane and similar chemical products are used. The same purpose can be achieved using traditional visual elements like video.

The follow-up: leveraging the exhibition experience after the event

Your PU Tech 2020 exhibition campaign won’t end once you’re done packing your exhibition stand. After you wrap up after the event, you can build on the impact you made at PU Tech 2020 by reaching out to your visitors and newly-generated leads with images and videos of them from the event. These videos can give your business development personnel the opportunity to re-initiate communication with your leads. As a result, your team can increase the likelihood of converting these leads into customers.
Exhibition stand designer Delhi, Stand designer for PU Tech 2020

While you can increase the likelihood of succeeding at PU Tech India 2020 by following this guide and hiring the best exhibition stand Delhi can offer, partnering with an exhibition agency having a proven track record of success at PU Tech India can help you achieve even greater results, with minimal hassle at your end.

To know more about how we can help you outshine your competition at PU Tech India 2020, contact us.

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