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A guide to preparing your team for B2B exhibitions
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B2B exhibitions are nothing like B2C exhibitions. While communication and engagement with attendees are the most important factor for every exhibition, B2B exhibitions require some additional effort. More often than not in B2C exhibitions, you deal with audiences that have no to little knowledge about your brands and the products you are demonstrating. Hence your primary task at a B2C exhibition is to introduce your products and their features to attendees.

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In B2B exhibitions, on the other hand, you are dealing with business leaders and experts. Your team has to handle professionals and decision-makers who have a deep understanding of the market and might even have some information about your as well as your competitors’ products. Also, selling a single unit in a B2B exhibition can help build a lifelong relationship with the buyer. Therefore, you need to attract as many attendees as possible. And one of the best ways to attract more audiences is to hire one of the top exhibition stall design agencies in India. And you need to take adequate measures to prepare your team:

How to prepare your team for the exhibition

You should prepare and train your team based on the factors that differentiate a B2B with the B2C exhibition. This will ensure your exhibition success at an event and boost your revenue.


Having well-defined goals is vital for a business’s success. And the same is true for any individual or a team of individuals. You, as an organization, should have a goal of prioritizing the products you want to display at the event. And every member of the team should be well aware of all the minute details about the products you are going to pitch in the exhibition. This will help boost confidence in your team and ensure positive outcomes.

Allocating specific goals and targets can provide a sense of responsibility and direction to team members.


Most of the attendees of an exhibition have buying authorities. Hence it is important to provide them in-depth knowledge about how your products can benefit them to help them make a quick buying decision. If you are operating across multiple industries, then you can allocate industry-specific tasks to your team. Suppose you are pitching a product, let’s say a software application that can serve multiple industries, then you can train individuals to engage with attendees from those different industries. For instance, if a visitor from the construction industry shows up, then the individual attending and engaging with that attendee should be aware of how your software can help his or her company. This will help attendees get a clear picture of how they can benefit from your products. And having a clear picture of the benefits and advantages they can have will nudge them a step further to purchase your products.


A business usually offers multiple products and services. But you cannot pitch all your products and services in an exhibition. Hence it is important to prioritize what products and services you want to offer at the event. And once the products are prioritized, you must have a clear brand message that should be in congruence with your products, exhibition stall graphics, and your brand. And to make your stand’s design congruent with the message, you can hire top exhibition stall design agencies in India. Hiring a top exhibition stall design agency in India will also help to make your booth stand out and attract more attendees. Hence instead of following traditional stand design trends, you can always opt to customize yours and stand out from the competition.

You should also ensure that your exhibition team is trained to convey the same message while communicating with all the visitors. Having a clear message that is in congruence with your products and stand graphics helps to imprint your brand in the minds of attendees for a much longer time.


Training is a great foundation, but your staff has to keep the momentum and energy going over a multi-day event. Hence along with hard skills and product knowledge, you should also try to increase the soft skills of your team. Visitors expect prompt attention, and hence a team member of your staff should engage with a new visitor within a few seconds to avoid losing them. Also, they should not be looking idle in the stand they should be active and look approachable to convince attendees to visit your stand.

If they have idle time available where they are not attending to any prospects, then team members can proactively step out of the booth and engage with attendees outside the stand. This will showcase their efforts and activeness to visitors. And it will also help to increase the number of foot traffic into your exhibition stand. Therefore you should also train your employees and help them to improve their soft skills like communication and personality.

Your exhibition booth staff are perhaps your biggest asset when it comes to engaging visitors. The more trained they are, the more are chances of them attracting and engaging more attendees. And the more attendees they can attract, the higher will be your chances of making your exhibition successful. Attractive stand designs are as much important as a skilled team for attracting attendees. In fact, exhibition stands can create a first impression on audiences. Hence you should consider hiring a reliable and reputed exhibition stall design agency in India to create unique stand designs that can attract more visitors.

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