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5 ways international exhibitors can wow visitors at Indian events
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Meeting your marketing and networking goals at international trade shows in India is all about playing the numbers game. Attract as many people to your exhibition stall as you can, and you’ll likely receive a considerable number of visitors from your target demographic. To do so, you may need to go beyond just hiring the most premium exhibition agency India can offer to build a captivating stall design. You’ll have to provide more to exhibition visitors in India to attract them and make them go “Wow!”

While it is impossible to compile an exhaustive list of things that can wow Indian visitors, there are a few methods that have a high likelihood of being effective. Following are five ways you can use to make your stall the center of all attention at your next Indian event:

1.Use augmented reality and other technologies

As older means of attracting attention like videos and written content become decreasingly engaging for the general people, newer ways of capturing and holding attention are being explored. Using advanced technologies is a sure-shot way to pique the interest of audiences across the world. Businesses across the world are using Augmented Reality (AR) to make their marketing campaigns more interactive. And they are doing so with great success — AR technology is known to retain the attention of viewers for over 85 seconds, as the average attention span of humans is said to have declined to 8 seconds! International exhibitors should take a cue from this and leverage the power of augmented reality to captivate audiences in India.
Exhibiting Internationally
Since the technology is relatively new, even simple AR content can be effective at getting the attention of passers-by at Indian events. AR can be used to provide interactive product demonstrations to leads and visitors or to display generally interesting content. Either way, people will flock to your booth to get a taste of the novel technology and, in the process, give you the opportunity to make contact. Similarly, other technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) can also be leveraged to attract greater footfall to your exhibit. Hiring the most premium exhibition agency India has to offer will enable you to explore many options in terms of technology to use as these agencies are already well-versed with technological trends in the exhibition industry.

2.Hand out freebies

Handing out freebies is one thing you can never go wrong with when it comes to attracting people to your exhibit. Distributing freebies to stall visitors can help in grabbing the attention of passing event attendees, who will most likely come seeking your stall. There is no limit to what you can hand out — as long it’s free, most people will be interested. The most important thing to remember while choosing a freebie to distribute is to ensure it comes with some custom branding. Be it hats, T-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, diaries, or any other kind of gift, inscribing or printing your brand name and logo on the freebies will do wonders for your brand awareness. Branded merchandise can act as a great marketing tool for your exhibit at the event. After all, what better way to promote your exhibit than hundreds of people walking around wearing hats displaying your brand name! If you have partnered with a premium exhibition agency in India, they can help you in determining the right kind of freebie to handout and also identify branding opportunities for the same.
Exhibiting Internationally
Freebies can also be used as an effective lead generation tool, i.e., collateral for lead information. You can provide a useful free item to your visitors in exchange for their names, designations, organizations, and contact details.

3.Organize contests

Conducting contests and activities for your visitors can also be an enticing proposition for potential stall-visitors. Organizing competitive events with attractive prizes can help in garnering a lot of attention and generating excitement around and inside your exhibition stall. Contests can be a great way to engage people as they will need to participate actively in such events to win prizes.
Exhibiting Internationally
While organizing contests, ensure that they are not too hard to play or understand, as it will turn away potential participants. You can also leverage these events to promote your exhibition stall on social media. Ideally, the event should run throughout the duration of the event to have maximum impact. A premium exhibition agency in India can help you to plan and conduct competitive events without any hassle.

4.Hire performing artists

Like people from most places in the world, Indians really love a spectacle. The great way to engage an Indian audience can be to hire musical performers or other kinds of performing artists. A live performance of any kind will undoubtedly attract a significant crowd towards your exhibition stall. You don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet on getting A-list performers on board. Any professional performer can do the trick for you.

Hosting artistic performances can isolate your visitors from the rest of the exhibition and draw them into your exhibition stall. By complementing these performances with other gimmicks like freebies or refreshments, you can almost certainly ensure a high footfall at your exhibition stall. If you partner with the most premium exhibition agency India can offer, you can get access to good performers for your exhibition stall without having to spend a lot of time, effort, or money.

5.Get a premium exhibition agency in India to design your stall

Although this may sound redundant, the importance of an outstandingly unique exhibition stall design cannot be emphasized enough. With the help of the most reliable and premium exhibition agency India has to offer, you can easily build an exhibition stall that is ambitious in aesthetics yet sound in structure. By doing so, you can become a must-visit stall for all visitors attending the event, thereby ensuring a high footfall and a high number of leads generated.
Exhibiting Internationally
You can use one of the above methods to see a significant boost in the number of visitors to your stall. You can use multiple methods in conjunction to have even greater success in attracting footfall and leads. You can also try a number of other ways to wow visitors at your next India event if you have the most premium exhibition India agency can offer at your side.
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