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5 trends in the exhibitions and events industry to look out for in 2020
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How did your 2019 go? Did things go as planned, or did you miss out on achieving your goals? If your answer is the latter, it might be due to you playing catch-up with your competitors. To be a leader rather than a follower, you should keep tabs on the trends in the market and make decisions accordingly. These include the current prevalent trends and trends that might dominate the market in the upcoming years. This ensures that you can plan your goals well in advance and become one of the top exhibitors in India. You might even outdo your goals if you can capitalize early on the upcoming trends. As one of the top exhibition stall design agencies in India, we can help you keep abreast of exhibition trends that will gain prominence in the next year. So what are the trends that will dominate the market in 2020?

5 trends that top exhibition stall design agencies in India need to look out for

Going by the way things have panned out in 2019 in the exhibitions and events industry, the following trends will dictate business decisions in 2020:

1.Exhibition stalls will be technology-centric

Event planners are embracing technology now more than ever before. It is estimated that a majority of event professionals will spend a major portion of their budget on technology. Interactive technologies will be at the forefront of exhibition stalls. Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality will see large scale adoption at exhibitions. These technologies will allow the visitor to test and interact with products in an interesting way. Virtual reality will have prominent use as compared to augmented reality. Using virtual reality means one isn’t confined by space and can be used to simulate large environments.
top exhibition stall design agencies in India
Facial recognition, too, will see extensive use. The technology can be used to identify visitors. The data can be analyzed to study the check-ins and checkouts of visitors, their interaction with various elements, and the time spent within the exhibition stall. This data can not only prove useful for security purposes but can also come in handy in future stand designs.

2.Multi-sensory experiences will ‘wow’ the visitors

Booths usually focus on sight and sound to attract visitors. But turn a blind eye to other senses. The exhibition stands will provide a multi-sensory experience to the visitor. The sense of smell will be the prominent target for attracting visitors to the stall. Perfumes, scents, or even the smell of a freshly brewed coffee can attract visitors to your booth. Lighting, too, can be a big factor in attracting attendees to the booth. The lighting systems can be in sync with the brand colors of the company or match the theme of the event. The furniture at the booth, too, will be designed to provide a comfortable experience to the visitor. While they are relaxing, they will be offered tasty food to relish on. The visitor will be engaged in every possible way providing him a complete sensory experience. The visitor will have a memorable experience which they will carry out of the booth and cherish for a long time.
top exhibition stall design agencies in India

3.There will be a broader focus on customer feedback

There will be a huge emphasis on gathering abundant feedback from attendees. Technological solutions will be incorporated to gather feedback in real-time. Devices embedded with sensors will be used to measure the response of a visitor to experience. These devices can be used to measure the attentiveness, behavioral response, and gauge the engagement levels of the visitors.
top exhibition stall design agencies in India
This data will prove useful to understand the visitors’ needs better, things that are highly engaging or are disinteresting to the visitors. The data can prove helpful in designing and creating better experiences for future events, or you can have other backup experiences lined up to replace the disengaging ones. You can lose out to your competitors in drawing a huge crowd if you don’t focus on customer feedback.

4.Trade shows won’t be confined to closed convention centers alone

Trade shows aren’t restricted to closed convention centers anymore. Event organizers are opting for open spaces as the choice of location for such events. Thus, if you’re exhibiting at an event having an open environment, you should design a stand taking full advantage of the situation. You can collaborate with top exhibition stall design agencies in India to plan your booth design accordingly. For instance, you can plan your exhibition stall that can use rooftop real estate to generate solar power that can not only help minimize power consumption expenses but also prove environmental-friendly. The maximum utilization of spaces with minimum utilization of resources will be one of the top design trends in 2020.

5.Sustainable designs will not be just an ‘option’

The event industry cannot ignore their environmental responsibility. There will be a focus on creating sustainable stands and booths. This will include discarding single-use plastics at exhibition stands. The booths will be designed with LEED certification in mind. If possible, the use of renewable energy sources for power needs will gain importance. Event organizers have already started adopting an environmental-friendly approach. Events like the World Economic Forum have achieved ISO 20121 certification. And this trend will continue in the upcoming year. You can collaborate with top exhibition stall design agencies in India, having a worldwide presence to design a sustainable booth for your next event.

These are just a few trends that will dominate the events and exhibitions industry in 2020. As one of the top exhibition stall design agencies in India, we can help you design your booth with regard to the aforementioned trends and other trends that may prevail in the upcoming year.
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