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5 reasons why your business needs a virtual exhibition booth
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The rise of virtual exhibition booths is among the most recent and exciting trends in the exhibition and events industry. A virtual exhibition booth is a virtual environment that simulates live booths that individuals can visit from their desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Virtual booths are gaining popularity due to the engaging and immersive user experience they provide. They are enabling customers to experience different brands and their products at their convenience.

Virtual exhibition booths are also gaining prominence due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to the cancellation of traditional exhibitions, having exhibitors to look for other methods to host their exhibitions. Being digital in form, they have a vast number of tangible benefits that exhibitors can highly gain from. Some of the benefits of having a virtual exhibition booth are discussed below.

1.   Increase brand recall

Brand recall

Virtual exhibitions provide experiences that individuals can remember vividly. The concept of a virtual exhibition is relatively unique and intriguing in the events and exhibitions industry. These online exhibitions leverage technologies that immerse individuals in a 3D virtual environment, which is a new and advanced mode of interaction. Virtual exhibitions have an engaging UX where users can:

  • move around the virtual booth,
  • interact with various components,
  • have information presented in the form of rich media content, and
  • communicate with a virtual representative.

This experience can help improve your brand retention and recall value. In other words, virtual exhibition booths can be a great marketing tool that users will likely remember for a long time. This can also lead to an increase in word-of-mouth marketing, which again increases brand awareness and recall value.

2.   Generate more leads

Lead generation

A virtual booth is naturally accessible to a broad audience. Interested individuals across the globe can visit your virtual booth with just a few clicks at their convenience. They don’t need to travel, arrange the necessary paperwork, or pay for accommodation. As people can visit your booths from their current location without any hassle, the chances of people visiting your virtual booth are very high. Thus, once your booth is live on a digital platform, individuals can easily visit them as per their liking.

Naturally, since you have more people visiting your booth, you are more likely to generate more leads. As the virtual booth can be hosted for months, it can witness a continuous footfall of new visitors daily, significantly increasing your chances of lead generation and client conversion. Also, lead tracking and communication become relatively easy on a digital medium by having visitors submit their contact information on the website or application. The contact information can be updated systematically in your CRM system by using an automated software solution.

3.   Enhance the sales experience

Sales experience

Virtual booths can reinvent the user experience by providing visitors an immersive, interactive, and engaging way of interaction. Individuals get a 360-degree experience of the virtual booth, which they can easily navigate through with their pointing devices. They can then interact with various components of the virtual booth with just a few clicks. They can check a product on display, read through multiple documents, or interact with a representative all within the virtual exhibition environment.

Virtual exhibitions can also sometimes be more informative than live events as exhibitors can overlay additional information regarding products in the form of texts, graphics, or charts that are displayed depending upon the individual’s view. Exhibitors can even embed video presentations, instant messaging, and podcasts in their virtual exhibition, which further enhances user experience.

Exhibitors can get a virtual booth developed from a premium exhibition agency and host the booth in the form of mobile apps or have them integrated within their website. You can even have virtual booths designed that leverage augmented and virtual reality technologies.

4.   Empower yourself with data


Virtual exhibition shows can result in being a data mine for your business. With a live event, you just get an attendance report or the contact information shared by interested parties. With virtual events, however, the data that you can gain access to is limitless. You can track every single thing an attendee does with virtual events.

You can have access to data such as

  • the audience demographics,
  • the time spent by individuals in your virtual booth,
  • the booth elements that caught the attention of the visitors the most,
  • the documentation that users spent the most time reading,
  • and the things that didn’t click with a broad set of visitors, among others.

You can use all this data to generate reports that can prove highly beneficial in behavioral marketing. With the availability of vast data, it becomes relatively easy to track and engage leads in a manner that can lead to a high conversion rate. The data can also be utilized in planning future events.

5.   Be open for business always


Virtual booths can be hosted round-the-clock for as long you wish. People who missed attending your live event can visit your virtual exhibition at any time for which the virtual booth is online. They can easily view the event on a desktop, computer, or mobile device while still having an experience similar to a live event. Having a virtual exhibition booth is like having a live exhibition that is open for visitors 24×7. Every time an individual visits your virtual booth, it is an opportunity for business. Exhibitors will, however, need to invest in a customer representative team that can be available to help visitors at any time of the day to increase the chances of lead conversion quickly and provide individuals a seamless experience.

Virtual exhibitions are set to transform the exhibitions and events industry. However, the virtual exhibition domain is still in a nascent stage. Currently, exhibitors can host virtual booths in addition to traditional exhibition events as they can serve as an excellent medium for people who have missed out on your live event. Even in the foreseeable future, live exhibitions will be here to stay. Traditional and virtual exhibitions are expected to go hand-in-hand with each complementing the other. Exhibitors can have traditional as well as virtual exhibition booths designed from a premium exhibition agency when planning for an event. Exhibitors are set to benefit hugely by hosting live as well as virtual exhibitions in conjunction. The future for the exhibitions industry indeed looks fascinating with the addition of virtual exhibitions.

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