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5 Events You Can Conduct Virtually
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Before 2020, no one imagined that CES 2021, one of the world’s largest tech-events, would be held virtually. This is the new reality of marketing events, but that’s not a bad thing. Virtual events have proved that they can be just as effective (sometimes, even better) than their live counterparts. But aren’t virtual events limited to Zoom calls and YouTube Live? Not really; here are five types of virtual events you can host with Blues N Coppers.

1. Online Workshops


The most popular type of virtual events that became popular last year and will likely stay on top this year are online workshops. They are quite easy to organise. During online workshops, the participants can complete a course or learn new skills. Corporates can even use these to train their employees or connect with other industry professionals on the latest trends.

2. Virtual Conferences and Summits


Hosting live conferences and summits were impossible due to the pandemic, but our virtual exhibition platform has made it possible to host virtual conferences that effortlessly emulate live ones. With virtual conferences and summits, you can bring your employees, industry professionals, and thought leaders at one place for a fraction of the cost of a live summit. Virtual conferences also allow you to invite thousands of attendees, host several sessions, have breakout sessions, conduct life polls and surveys, and encourage two-way live interactive opportunities.

3. Virtual Trade Shows


Virtual trade shows are another type of virtual event gaining traction this quarter, considering most industries are planning product launches during the quarter. These shows allow you to leverage the ease of organising a virtual product launch that can simultaneously span global markets. Virtual trade shows enable networking with industry partners, showcase and demonstrate products to the visitors, and reap live feedback from customers—all on one virtual exhibition platform, like Exhibit 360.

4. Virtual Showrooms


One silver lining of the pandemic is that it proved most business operations can be done online or virtually; one of them is showcasing and selling your products with virtual showrooms. Virtual showrooms are unique; they allow you to expand your reach and reach more customers while allowing them the option of not stepping out of their house.

5. Virtual Exhibition Hall


Virtual exhibition halls offer virtually limitless possibilities; they allow you to host seminars, conferences, virtual booths, breakout sessions, and much more on a single platform. They can even incorporate sponsors, entertainment sessions, and post-event sessions for the brand and industry professionals. Virtual exhibitions encompass all the right elements of live exhibitions while adding atop more unique features like automated attendee pairing, in-depth analytics and data, and cost-efficiency of not hosting thousands of people at a live location.

These are just the most popular virtual events that brands are hosting on virtual exhibition platforms, but you can break through the crowd and innovate your virtual event. If you have a vision of what your next virtual event should look like, don’t let anyone hold you back. Contact Blues N Coppers, and let us help you realise your vision of virtual events using our virtual exhibition platform, Exhibit 360.

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