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5 Best and Unique Virtual Webinars We Loved and Why!
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Virtual events are the norm, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are some brands that stand apart from the crowd with their virtual webinars. These brands offered their audience the best virtual webinars with unique features. Here are the best virtual webinars organised in recent months and why we think they are the best.

1. Grundfos Smart Cities 2020 for On-Demand Webinars Feature


Virtual webinars are global events. However, the event’s schedule may not be best suited for someone living on the other side of the planet. To tackle this, we helped Grundfos with on-demand webinars feature using our Exhibit 360 virtual event platform. The Grundfos Smart Cities Virtual Event 2020 was a webinar series with 12 on-demand webinars that could be accessed even after the event. This one small decision to offer on-demand webinars helped the brand tremendously. The event had 290 active participants during the event, and 256 individuals opted for on-demand webinars.

2. Calderys CaldeConclave 2020 for Targeted Webinars


Audience engagement is a major challenge for virtual webinars. Thus, a single webinar that talks to audiences from different backgrounds isn’t always the best option as there’s a high chance that many attendees may find the webinar boring or irrelevant. The solution came out in the form of targeted webinars for Calderys’ CaldeConclave 2020 virtual webinar event. The virtual experience encompassed 14 webinars based on various industries, such as iron, steel, petrochemical, and refineries. Each webinar addressed refractory-related solutions to its respective industry, giving the audience a choice to only attend the relevant webinars.

3. Oktane20 for High Profile Speakers


One of the primary reasons attendees join webinars is learning and interacting with industry leaders and experts. An event with low profile speakers may not be as exciting or inviting as one with high profile speakers. The consequences? Low registrations, poor event experience and low brand recall. Octane 20 by Okta stands out for having an influential line-up of speakers for their webinar series. The event had some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Trevor Noah (comedian), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (actress), and Julie Averill (chief technology officer of lululemon).

4. XR Immersive Enterprise 2021 for Q&A Sessions


What sets virtual webinars apart from podcasts or YouTube videos is that it offers a live, realtime webinar experience. However, many webinars do not incorporate Q&A sessions, which is a missed opportunity. Q&A sessions improve the webinar experience while allowing the attendees to directly interact with industry experts while inspiring further discussions on the subject. The best example of this was XR Immersive Enterprise 2021. Here, the attendees had the opportunity to interact with high-profile speakers during the webinar, including Amanda Clarida from Volvo Trucks, Amy Hedrick of Cleanbox Technologies, and Andre Gauthier from Unity Technologies.

5. High Point Virtual Market Experience for Catalogue Feature


For a webinar that is also showcasing products and services, it must be easy for the attendees to search for the products with ease. This can be done with a dedicated catalogue feature with a keyword search function. The best example of an event that smart incorporated this into their event was International Market Centers’ High point Virtual Market Experience. The event had a special feature, Catalog Connexion, powered by IMC_di by IMC’s Digital Innovation Division, containing 54,234 pages of products. By the end of the event, 13,840 visitors viewed 396,343 catalogue pages, and 442 leads were generated from 32 states and four countries.

There are two ways to make your next virtual webinar stand out. One, you can learn from the best. Two, you can be a trendsetter. If you want to be a trendsetter in your industry, you need to get in touch with Blues N Coppers. We offer you a virtual event platform, Exhibit 360, that can allow you to host the best virtual webinars using innovative ideas. Give us a call now to know more.

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