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4 Innovative Features to Include in Your Next Virtual Event
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Your next virtual event needs to offer your attendees an unforgettable virtual experience that is immersive, interactive, and innovative. This would help you drive lead generation, improve brand recall, and foster a sense of community amongst your attendees, helping you reach your marketing goals. Whether you are planning a virtual conference or a virtual event, here are some innovative ways you can offer your attendees an unforgettable virtual event experience.

1.    Networking Lounge









Did you know that one of the primary reasons why attendees attend virtual events is networking? So, you need to ensure that your virtual event platform offers the right kind of interactive opportunities for your attendees. Your attendees want to talk to your brand as a human entity, and they want to interact with other presenters and fellow attendees.

One of the best ways to incorporate interactive opportunities into your virtual event is by dedicating a breakout activity zone or networking lounge to the virtual event platform. The breakout activity zone can offer a variety of interactive opportunities for your attendees and presenters. The best ways to offer that is via audio, video, and text mediums, and pair them with panel discussions, one-on-one meetings, Q&A sessions, polls, and social walls. ..

2.    Live Games and Competitions









Audience engagement is one of the biggest challenges for virtual events, so much that it has given rise to a new term—Zoom fatigue. You need to ensure that your virtual event platform is not bombarding the audience with content and products but also keeping them engaged with your brand. One of the ways of doing that is by incorporating games into your event.

Gamification can go a long way in improving your virtual event’s engagement and enhancing your attendees’ experience. They offer them a short relief from the content-heavy presentations and seminars. You can even incorporate your brand products or services into the games to enhance brand recall. If done right, gamification can significantly boost the virtual event experience and help you reach your marketing goals.

3.    3D Product Demonstrations









Some cutting edge virtual event platforms, like Exhibit 360, offer 3D AR/VR-enabled product displays, too. With the help of AR/VR, your attendees can interact with the product, see them work virtually, and even interact with them in a virtual hands-on experience. Additionally, 3D product demonstrations help make your virtual event even more immersive. So, it is an excellent idea to incorporate 3D product demonstrations into your virtual event, especially if you are planning a virtual exhibition booth.

4.    Virtual Briefcase









80% of virtual event attendees sign-up for events for educational purposes; they want to learn more about the industry, your brand, and your products. Here, merely dissipating content across various channels is not enough. It would be best to allow your audience to store and download the same content offline for future references. One of the best ways to do that is by offering them virtual briefcases, where they can bookmark content they are interested in and download them as a package at the end of the event in an organised manner.

Virtual conference, virtual exhibition booths, virtual seminars, whichever virtual experience you are planning in the coming months, you must incorporate cutting edge technology and ideas into your event using the right virtual event platform. Let Blues N Coppers help you with organising the event. We offer end-to-end virtual event services that include designing, managing, and marketing the event for you.

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