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4 Hybrid Events Mistakes You Must Avoid
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Hybrid events are becoming a new trend as companies want to explore the best of live and virtual worlds. But while you try this new trend, you should be far from making any mistakes to ensure your events go on smoothly. Here are the four mistakes you simply cannot afford to make.

1.    Focusing On One of the Types


If you are still hooked on putting your best foot forward on either of these aspects, you will end up making a huge mistake. Focusing on any one aspect of the hybrid event, like just going big on virtual aspects and overlooking how to bring the live and virtual events together, is a mistake. Ideally, you should give equal importance and plan to both the aspects – physical as well as the virtual bits. Keep both of these in your mind, create a balance between the two, and plan strategically to bring both of these together.

2.    Lack of Engaging Elements


When you don’t have enough engaging solutions in your hybrid events, you are losing out on your participants’ interest and even some participants before the event concludes. Ignoring online participants and collecting feedback, and giving sway bags to physically-attending people can be a huge mistake. Don’t make mistakes, and integrate several engaging elements in your next hybrid event. When you choose the virtual event platform by Blues N Coppers, you can explore several engagement options for participants joining virtually. Make most Q&A sessions, 1-on-1 interactions, engaging games, and activities, and more with Exhibit 360.

3.    Relying on Outdated or Cliched Techniques


When virtual conferences and webinars became common, most people turned to Zoom and Hangouts to organize their events. And very soon, these platforms became common. When organising hybrid events, you must use the latest technology and trends so that your event isn’t boring and just like any other event. Using only Zoom for the same will make your event and your company outdated. Embrace the latest technology and trends to break through the usual competition.

With Blues N Coppers, you can use AR and VR technology, greenscreens and chroma shoots, supreme quality audio, and broadcasting features to organise unique hybrid events. Don’t be afraid of trying out-of-the-box features in your hybrid event just because it isn’t very common.

4.    Pricing Too High Or Too Low


Pricing your events practically is crucial as well. If you price your event wrongly, you might miss out on a large set of participants. For instance, pricing virtual participation the same as live is a mistake because the cost will be too high. Nobody will pay a fortune for a hybrid event. At the same time, charging too low is a waste of your hard work. Price the event properly so that you get the ROI for your event.

Lastly, check all the aspects of your hybrid event before going live. Missing out on this can lead to on-day blunders and inefficiencies. Hire a company that specialises in providing comprehensive hybrid event ideas as well as ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout your event. Like at Blues N Coppers, we stress checking all audio and video players, lighting, digital tools, and software to ensure everything works perfectly. That’s what you need to organise a spot-on hybrid event.

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