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4 Fact-Based Reasons That Prove Why 3D Virtual Experiences are the Future of Marketing
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3D virtual experiences, like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or even virtual exhibition booths, are the things digital marketers need to get familiar with. 3D virtual experiences knock down the boundaries to unlock new layers of depths, and at the same time, blurring the lines between real and virtual. But there’s more to virtual experiences than that; here are some of the reasons that make them the future of marketing.

1. Immersive Purchase Experience

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Any competent marketer knows that making a purchase has always been a visual experience where the audience wants to get a total sense of the product and its features. Here, virtual experiences, like a virtual booth, offer a brilliant alternative to retail experience where your customers can get a completely immersive experience right from the comfort of their home.

There are many examples where brands have used this tactic to increase their lead conversion, the most popular being Gucci and IKEA. Gucci recently partnered with Snapchat to launch its first-ever try-on filter that allows users to see how the Gucci product would look on them. On the other hand, IKEA launched its IKEA Place App that enables users to visualize furniture in their home space with real-time customization.

2. Improved Engagement and Reach

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According to MindShare, AR is 200% more engaging than other content types that brands use for content marketing. There is a massive untapped potential for AR and VR to improve your brand’s engagement metrics. With the right set of virtual experiences, it is easier to entertain and educate your customers. Not only that, but virtual exhibition booths also make it easier to launch your products and services without a physical audience.

As an added benefit, you can reach a much wider audience with virtual exhibitions and booths. Since virtual exhibition experiences are operated on a digital platform, like our Exhibit 360, you can invite a much larger audience without worrying about overcrowding your event—a common problem for live events. With a single virtual booth, you can reach thousands of people than you would with an exhibition booth at a live event.

For example, John Legend’s Wave, a social music venue, attracted more than 5 lakh attendees, which would not have been possible with a live concert event. Good thing the virtual event was a means to raise awareness towards Legend’s FREE AMERICA campaign.

3. Increased Brand Recall

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3D virtual experiences are still a new thing and quite an intriguing way for your audience to connect with your brand. Thanks to this new and advanced mode of engagement, your brand can reap much better brand recall with your audience.

3D virtual experiences are great marketing tools that your audience will likely remember for a long time, improving your brand awareness and recall value.

4. Higher Conversion Rate

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3D virtual experiences don’t just benefit your brand with higher brand recall, but the same brand experience and recall often translate to much higher conversion rates than traditional marketing tools. According to Mobile Marketer, 3D virtual experiences can increase your brand’s conversion rates by 27.96%. This is a tremendous conversion rate, especially when considering the initial cost of using 3D virtual experiences is much cheaper than other marketing tools like advertisements or live events.

COVID-19 has proved for marketers that if a brand does not embrace modern technology, it will slowly wither away. 3D virtual experiences are the next big thing for marketing worldwide, and it is time to embrace it. Blues N Coppers can help you with our virtual exhibition booths. Get in touch with us now.

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