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3-Day Grundfos Smart Cities Virtual Event 2020 Case Study
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When it comes to catering to a global leader’s needs, Blues N Coppers goes above and beyond its abilities and utilizes tools to deliver nothing less than perfection. That’s exactly what we did for Grundfos – a renowned name in providing smart water application, irrigation, supply, and storing solutions globally.

Grundfos wanted to bring multiple things under one roof where participants could explore all their smart cities’ water solutions in various unique ways. All this was possible at Grundfos Smart Cities Virtual Expo – an immersive, 3D virtual event focused only on Grundfos’ smart water solutions and wastewater management for industries, buildings, and overall water supply.

What Was Grundfos Smart Cities Virtual Event 2020?

It was the first 3D exhibition-cum-webinar event in the history of sustainable solutions for smart cities. The 3-day virtual event wasn’t just any-other webinar series; it was an innovative virtual expo with an unusual floor plan and agenda. It was a revolutionary experience featuring the latest solutions from Grundfos. The event allowed participants to understand Grundfos’ history and latest updates, attend live seminars, explore booths, and participate in games.


What Happened in Grundfos Smart Cities Virtual Event 2020?

The entire virtual floor plan was divided into five separate sections, each hosting an interesting set of events.

Reception Area


The reception area had the front desk, event agenda details, social media wall, and Grundfos’ solution for various sectors. Using our virtual event platform, we ensured that the reception building and the rest of the arena were easily accessible.

Legacy Wall


Right outside the reception building was the legacy wall that highlighted the journey of Grundfos’ 75-year legacy. This section clearly showed how Grundfos was committed to redefining how water is utilised and transported across various applications and industries.



This is where Grundfos hosted 12 live webinars by 12+ industry experts to address the challenges and discuss solutions in India. Speakers from Grundfos and industry leaders imparted knowledge and also answered questions participants had.

Exhibition Hall


The Exhibition Hall featured about 12 booths with applications and products that participants could explore and ask for demos. The booths ranged from Grundfos’ solutions for smart homes and industrial applications to water treatment and supply systems to Grundfos Eacademy.

Breakout Area


We organised a series of games, interactive sessions, and breakout activities in the Breakout Zone, where we conceptualized the games to demonstrate our products entertainingly. And interestingly, this part of the arena was the most-visited area. Plus, we used engagement tools like Slido and Tidio Chat so the participants could chat with experts personally at Interaction Points.

The Success of Grundfos Smart Cities Virtual Event 2020


This wasn’t it; we made on-demand webinars available for individuals who missed a particular or most of the sessions. About 356 individuals opted for on-demand webinars. As per Grundfos’ demand, we also sent goodies to actively-participating individuals as a token of acknowledgment and appreciation. This was possible using the backend data of our virtual event platform, using the leaderboard.

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