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3 challenges faced by international exhibitors at Defexpo India
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With Defexpo 2020 quickly approaching, your exhibition preparations are most probably underway in full swing. While you may still be undecided on a few things — like choosing the best exhibition booth designer Delhi has to offer — most of your exhibition strategy is already in place. However, regardless of how well-prepared international exhibitors may be for Defexpo India, or any other trade show in India for that matter, they often face a few challenges in the execution of their strategy. Read on to know the biggest challenges you might face in the run-up to Defexpo 2020 so you can navigate them effectively to have a successful exhibition campaign.

1.Finding an exhibition booth designer in India

While you may already have inked out a booth design for your exhibit, you need to partner with someone near the trade show venue to build and assemble your booth. However, the venue for Defexpo 2020, Lucknow is not a traditional trade show location and hence finding an exhibition partner there will be difficult. You will need to look for an exhibition booth designer in Delhi, which is the nearest metropolitan city and a bustling trade show location, for economic and logistical feasibility. However, identifying a reliable partner who has the experience of serving international clients at big-name events like Defexpo 2020 can be challenging. That’s because, while many agencies may claim to be the best exhibition booth designer Delhi has seen, not many have the capabilities to back such claims.
exhibition booth designer Delhi
To identify a reliable exhibition booth designer in Delhi, you must first assess the past work done by different agencies. A safe option would be to choose an exhibition agency that has a proven track record of serving international clients at Defexpo India, Another indicator of an agency’s reliability is their membership in international trade show bodies like Exhibition Designers & Producers Association (EDPA) and the International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services (IFES). Being members of these associations indicates that an exhibition agency has high standards of service, which makes them reliable exhibition partners.

2.Sticking to timelines

Sticking to timelines can be hard in India, due to the general unreliability of the local transportation network. This can lead to delays in the delivery of your exhibition booth to the venue on time. Thus, it would be ideal to plan and execute your exhibition building and transportation activities with adequate time buffers. This will help you to overcome any potential delays due to unreliable transportation. Another cause for delay in the delivery of fabricated booths could be due to the build agencies’ inability to handle multiple clients. Certain local exhibition build agencies in Delhi often overcommit to multiple clients for the same event without having the resources to actually serve all of them. As a result, they may be unable to deliver fabricated exhibition booths on time and often provide substandard build quality, leaving exhibitors lagging behind their schedules and with no time to make last-moment changes.
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To avoid missing deadlines, international exhibitors should evaluate their local exhibition partner’s capacity to handle your exhibition needs. Having a partner who can meet deadlines can help you set up your booth in time and also make last-moment changes if necessary.

3.Ensuring communication and coordination

Among the biggest challenges faced by international exhibitors when participating in Defexpo India is coordinating with their local partners for their exhibition needs, booth-related and otherwise. Most inexperienced exhibitors lack the professionalism to ensure constant communication with clients and keep them updated with the status of various exhibition-related tasks. These tasks could include the manufacturing of the booth, transportation to the venue, securing booth supplies, and hiring local translators for the booth, among others.
exhibition booth designer Delhi
An exhibition agency with the requisite expertise and experience takes responsibility for all the communication and coordination to ensure that all your exhibition needs are met as expected. Hence, you should look for an exhibition booth designer in Delhi who can demonstrate professionalism through timely communication and hassle-free management of exhibition-related activities.

In addition to these challenges, the unfamiliarity of the venue can also act as a potential roadblock to international exhibitors at Defexpo 2020. That is if they don’t have the support of an experienced international exhibition design agency in India. Partnering with such an agency can help you handle all your exhibition requirements, from finding the best exhibition booth designer Delhi has to offer to hiring the right staff to man your booth at the event, allowing you to make the most of your participation at Defexpo 2020.

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